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God Rebukes Jehoshaphat

2 Chronicles 19
February 3, 2023
Day 34
Here is confirmation that God was not happy with what Jehoshaphat had done, but still accepted him as His child. Jehoshaphat took the rebuke to heart and continued the good reforms he had begun, even going into some of the northern tribal territories to bring them back to God. It’s a lesson in what we can do after we repent from our mistakes.

Teaching the People

2 Chronicles 17
February 1, 2023
Day 32
Jehoshaphat also followed God, as his fathers had done, removing more pagan altars, instituting and encouraging correct worship. But he did something even more important, that no king, so far as we know, did before or after him. Read verses 7 through 9. What did Jehoshaphat do that the other kings did not do? What effect do you think this had on his country?

Asa Falters

2 Chronicles 16
January 31, 2023
Day 31
Everyone makes mistakes. Asa’s was turning to the king of Aram and not only making a treaty with him, but giving him some of the temple treasures to seal it. What he did was not worse than what David did, and God responded the same way—sending him a prophet to rebuke him. And here is the difference: David listened and repented. Asa imprisoned the prophet. Apparently, he still repented and God forgave him, because 2 Chronicles 15:17 says his heart was “blameless all his days,” and you can’t say that unless a person is forgiven and cleansed.

Asa’s Continued Faithfulness

2 Chronicles 15
January 30, 2023
Day 30
God sent Asa encouragement through the prophet, and we can take it to our hearts, too. God is still with those who are with Him. Asa took down more high places and altars to false gods in surrounding areas and removed the queen mother from her position because she was an idolater. Notice in verse 9 that others from some of the northern tribes came to him, too, because they didn’t like their wicked king. Some of the temple treasures had been stolen, and Asa brought some of his own and his father’s treasures to the temple.

Another Good King

2 Chronicles 14
January 29, 2023
Day 29
Asa went further than his father had done in following God. He removed all the pagan altars and high places and restored proper worship of the one true God. Because of it, he had peace for most of his long reign. God routed those who came against him.

Abijah’s Strength…and Weakness

2 Chronicles 13
January 28, 2023
Day 28
Abijah stood for God in some important ways, and God stood for him in return, and helped him to win against the northern kingdom, though God would have been much happier and the people more blessed if they had listened to what Abijah said in verse 12. But Abijah also fell to the common weakness of the time: considering women as property. He took 14 women to be his “wives”—(only the first was his wife in God’s eyes)—and this displeased the Lord.

Rehoboam Listens!

2 Chronicles 12
January 27, 2023
Day 27
How wonderful to read a rare story in which the people actually listen to God, humble themselves, and make a new choice! You’ll notice God did not let them entirely off the hook. What is the reason, in verse 8, that He gives for still allowing them some trouble? What do you think they learned from the experience?

The Division Grows Stronger

2 Chronicles 11
January 26, 2023
Day 26
Not content with merely holding a separate kingdom from David’s line, Jeroboam even kicks out all the priests and Levites and sets up his own. It’s just as well, since no godly priest would ever consent to holding services over calf idols and even more wicked things. Rehoboam plans to go to war and get the northern kingdom back, but at least he does listen when God says not to war against his own relatives. These are all Jacob’s descendants, remember.

Queen of Sheba Visits

2 Chronicles 9
January 24, 2023
Day 24
When visitors came to Solomon’s court—and they did come, from all over the known world—they always went home with new awe and respect for Solomon and his wisdom in ruling his people. But they also went with something far more important: at least a little knowledge of the one true God. Sheba’s queen seems to have accepted this whole-heartedly, as we can hope many others did, too. To this day, in northern Africa, people claim to be descended, not necessarily physically, but spiritually, from this faithful queen.
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