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Early warnings of judgment

Amos 1
June 11, 2024
Day 163
Amos prophesied much earlier, before either the northern or southern kingdoms had been taken over by Assyria and Babylon. We will see many of the same nations named, and consequences warned of. It’s kind of sad to read it, knowing that they will all still say “no,” and their kingdoms will be destroyed. Yet we will watch for God’s grace as well.

Final restoration

Joel 3
June 10, 2024
Day 162
Before full restoration, there will be judgment. Many of the nations we have seen before are named again here. What clues do you find that this is about the very end? And after judgment…full and final peace! What is your favorite part?

Devastation and deliverance

Joel 2
June 9, 2024
Day 161
Immediately it is clear that there is a far-reaching application. Vs 1-17 describe a visitation that can’t be only earthly insects. The rest of the chapter promises God’s deliverance, including more abundant prophetic gifts to many different kinds of people, and physical wonders. What do you think these prophecies refer to?

Locust invasion

Joel 1
June 8, 2024
Day 160
The little book of Joel, like many prophecies, seems to have more than one layer. Apparently, there is a terrible plague of locusts destroying all crops and leaving people and animals to starve. But as we study, you will see clues that this is also spiritual devastation. Do you see any in chapter 1?

God ends with promises

Hosea 14
June 7, 2024
Day 159
As always, God comes back to healing, forgiveness, and restoration. Hosea recommends the words of submission to bring to God. He encourages the people to confess, and to promise never again to worship their own works and creations.

Israel’s idolatry

Hosea 13
June 6, 2024
Day 158
God was the One taking care of them. God is always the One taking care of us all. Why did they—why do we—make up nonsense about calves to kiss and bring offerings to, or modern methods and philosophies and politics that have brought us success? Or our own efforts? Why?

Remembering God’s leading

Hosea 12
June 5, 2024
Day 157
God through Hosea reminds the people again of the history He has with them. He was compassionate with Jacob and his family, He gave people laws and prophets and festivals. Will they not listen and turn back?

Israel’s selfishness

Hosea 10
June 3, 2024
Day 155
The first verses give the theme—why has Israel acted so wantonly? For her own gain. Are there those today whose whole aim is to produce more and more for themselves, to build “altars” to their own glory and self-aggrandizement? What do you think will be the result in the end?

Final casting off

Hosea 9
June 2, 2024
Day 154
God is at the limit of His patience. Time after time, year after year, century after century, He has tried to get His people’s attention. First they ignored Him, then they defied Him to His face. Their time is over. They are bringing upon themselves the worst possible results of their actions. Yet…wait for two more chapters…
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