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God is our strong wall

Psalm 125
September 8, 2023
Day 251
Have you ever seen an old town that is still walled? Or do you live near walled compounds? Jerusalem, besides its walls, also had surrounding mountains. This psalm says God surrounds us like that. How does that make you feel?

Gratitude to God for rescue

Psalm 124
September 7, 2023
Day 250
Here is another song of David, thanking God for past rescues. How true it is of us, too, that if God had not been on our side, we would be dead. Bear in mind this does not mean on “our side” as opposed to God’s other children. It means on our side, or at our side, against evil. When were you in a “snare” that God rescued you from?

Pray for peace

Psalm 122
September 5, 2023
Day 248
In Bible times, people thought God lived in the temple. Only sometimes did they grasp the reality that God, as Solomon said, could not dwell in human-made dwellings. Today we know better, but still our church homes are very special to us. Pray for the peace of your church and your town.

God’s constant care

Psalm 121
September 4, 2023
Day 247
This is one of the most beloved psalms. It reminds us that God never falls asleep on the job and never gets tired of caring for us. Does looking at hills or other natural features remind you of God’s presence?

The tongue

Psalm 120
September 3, 2023
Day 246
This psalm is usually seen as prayer for deliverance from lying enemies, and it surely does apply to that. But what if the enemy is one’s own tongue? What if, when you want to speak peace, your tongue wars against you? Use a concordance to look up “tongue” and see what wisdom you find that goes along with this psalm.

God’s law

Psalm 119
September 2, 2023
Day 245
You could study this one psalm for a month. For today, read through it and take note of which passage particularly calls to your heart. Write down that section and carry it with you during the day. What does it mean to you to meditate on God’s Law?

Song of praise

Psalm 117
August 31, 2023
Day 243
This little psalm is brief but says it all! His truth is everlasting, and His chesed, a Hebrew word that means total, complete, surrounding love and care, is great! Thank God for something specific He has done for you recently.

Gratitude for deliverance

Psalm 116
August 30, 2023
Day 242
This psalm praises God for deliverance from death and from other trials. But in verse 15 we are reminded that He doesn’t always stop death. When His people die, His eyes are on them and His heart is with them. Whom have you lost that you look forward to seeing again?

God versus idols

Psalm 115
August 29, 2023
Day 241
Some of us live where people really do worship idols of silver, gold, or clay. Others live where people worship money or sports or power. Ask God to search your heart for any idol that sneaks in there.
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