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Broken covenant

Jeremiah 11
February 8, 2024
Day 39
God reminds the people of the covenant He made with them when He brought them out of Egypt, and of the curses for disobedience which Moses warned of from the beginning. He also tells Jeremiah about a plot against his life and promises to save him.

Foolish idolatry

Jeremiah 10
February 7, 2024
Day 38
It can be easy for us today to mock those who build physical idols with their own hands and then bow down and worship them. But what things made with human hands can you think of that people worship today?

The weeping God

Jeremiah 9
February 6, 2024
Day 37
Jeremiah is often called the “weeping prophet.” But it is God who is weeping, for the stubborn, intense, unrepentant rebellion of His own children. How can you comfort God?

Pleading with Zion

Jeremiah 8
February 5, 2024
Day 36
You can hear the love and frustration in the voice of God (spoken in human words by His prophet) as He pleads with the people to stop being self-righteous and actually do right. Do you think God feels like this today? Why or why not?

A message at the temple gate

Jeremiah 7
February 4, 2024
Day 35
Young Jeremiah takes up his stand where the people are entering God’s courts, acting holy, but not loving God or others. At this point there is still a chance they can avert captivity by Babylon. What do they have to do to make that happen?

Here comes Babylon

Jeremiah 6
February 3, 2024
Day 34
Most of this chapter is an alarm call—run, run! Babylon is coming! But in the middle, here is this quiet call to seek the “ancient paths” where we can “find rest for our souls.” What do you think these ancient paths are?

Israel versus Judah

Jeremiah 3
January 31, 2024
Day 31
Israel (the northern kingdom) has turned completely against God, but her sister Judah (the southern kingdom) did not learn a lesson from Israel’s ruin by Assyria. God still offers forgiveness if Judah will “only acknowledge her iniquity.” Where are you in this story?
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