Pathfinder Excellence Award


While Pathfindering is designated to help youth appreciate the value of group participation, it should not be forgotten that there is scope for the development of the youth as an individual. A major part of Pathfinders is group activity. This is vital in learning the art of cooperation, which is a necessary ingredient in the make-up of a well balanced Christian.

The Pathfinder Excellence Award has been developed to recognize individual achievement over a one-year period of time. As in the class investiture pins and Honor tokens the Pathfinder Excellence Award should be awarded only to those who have reached a high standard of Pathfinder efficiency as outlined in these criteria.

Selection Process

Toward the close of the Pathfinder year the Pathfinder Club executive committee acts as the awards-recognition-selection group for their club. They will compare each Pathfinder’s record of achievement with the criteria to establish who in the club qualifies for this award. (More than one way may qualify as well as none may qualify.)


The following criteria must be applied by the Pathfinder executive committee when deciding whether a club member is entitled to the Pathfinder Excellence Award: 

The Pathfinder

  1. Is an active member of the Pathfinder Club and has been for two or more years.
  2. Is an example in uniform requirements, is on time for all meetings, and actively works as a leader in their unit.
  3. Believes in and lives up to the Pathfinder Pledge and Law. Displays a loyalty to these Pathfinder ideals and holds them as a sacred honor.
  4. Willingly accepts assigned responsibilities and demonstrates initiative and leadership in carrying them out simply or in a team effort.
  5. Maintains personal equipment in the best possible condition.
  6. Relates to all races and entire groups in a positive Christian manner.
  7. Annually completes the current Pathfinder Class and, in addition, earns the offered Honors.

When the Award Should Be Presented and Who Should Present It

The Pathfinder Excellence Award is preferably to be made at a Pathfinder Day program in the church by the ranking Pathfinder leader or at the annual Investiture program by the investing leader or at the Conference camporee or fair by the conference youth leader.

How Should it be Worn?

Above the advanced class ribbon awards during the year following the award presentation. If the Pathfinder does not re-qualify, then it must be placed in the Pathfinder’s inventory of mementos. The award may only be worn during the year following recognition.

When Should it be Worn?

The award becomes an integral part of the dress uniform and may be worn for 1 year from the date of presentation. After the close of each year, the wearer is reevaluated to determine continuance of privilege or loss of privilege. Once a Pathfinder leaves the club, he/she may keep the award for permanent usage only if he/she qualified during his final year. Adults not having been Pathfinders should not wear it.