Have you ever written your name and address in the front cover of a textbook? Sometimes, just for fun, you may have written the longest, most complete address you could think of. When one student in the United States did this, his address looked like this: 

J. Smith
Apartment 605
431 Mayweather Boulevard
Commontown, CA
North America
Planet Earth
The Solar System
The Milky Way Galaxy
The Universe

What would your “complete” address look like?

 It’s kind of interesting to think of yourself – one human individual – not just in the context of your street and city, but in the context of your country, your continent, our whole planet, and even the solar system and the universe itself. When you see yourself in that context, how does it make you feel? Tiny and insignificant? Or important and valuable? 

What about in God’s eyes? Where do you fit in God’s universe?

My Identity in Christ seeks to help you answer these questions and more. All of us must choose for ourselves—What do we believe? Why be a Christian? We are made in the image of our Creator. And He thinks you’re valuable—in fact, He thinks you’re worth dying for.

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My Identity in Christ

Meals are ready, shoes are polished, clothes are pressed, the front and backyard are clean, the floor shines, the best meals of the week are prepared, showers have been taken; as the sun is setting, we gather around our mother for worship. It is Sabbath. Sometimes, I would get home late, distracted by an after-school football game; I would then have to face my mother, and the bamboo rod never failed to leave its marks.