Master Guide Requirements


  1. Be a baptized member, in regular standing, of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  2. Be at least 16 years of age to start this card and 18 years of age at Investiture.
  3. Complete a background check and child protection course, and be approved by your Conference/Mission.
  4. With your mentor, prayerfully discuss what it means to be a Master Guide and why you want to become a Master Guide. Include a written one-page report or video in your Portfolio.
  5. Complete each of the following CMT Basic Staff Training workshops (available in the Master Guide Curriculum Manual) or its equivalent for Adventurer leaders:
    • Club Ministry: Purpose & History
    • Club Organization
    • Programming & Planning
    • Club Outreach
    • Ceremonies & Drill
    • Developmental Growth
    • Introduction to Teaching
    • Medical, Risk Management, and Child Safety Issues

Additional Prerequisite Notes

Your progress as a candidate is under the supervision of your Conference/Mission. If under 18 years of age, you do not have to complete a background check, but you must be supervised by an adult when working with minors.



  1. Complete each of the following Conference/Mission approved leadership training workshops (materials available in the Master Guide Curriculum Manual):
  2. Read or listen to the book Education by Ellen White. Write a one-page reflection on what you have learned and how you can apply it in your ministry.
  3. Read or listen to a book about Adventist leadership selected by your Conference/ Mission and do two Share Section options.
  4. For each of the following, complete a survey and write a two-page reflection paper:
    • Spiritual Gifts
    • Personalities
  5. For at least one year, be an active staff member in an Adventurer or Pathfinder Club or teach a Sabbath School for these age groups. Complete each of the following:
    • Attend at least 75% of all staff meetings.
    • Teach three Adventurer awards or two Pathfinder honors.
    • Have or earn the Christian Storytelling honor.


  1. Choose one of the following and record your progress:
    • Have or earn the Physical Fitness honor.
    • Have or earn the Sportsman Master Award.
    • Complete the physical fitness section of the AY Silver Award or Gold Award.
    • In consultation with your Master Guide Mentor, choose a fitness app and complete at least a three-month program.
    • Complete a three-month physical fitness program recommended by your doctor.
  2. Have or earn each of the following honors:
    • Basic Water Safety
    • Camp Safety
    • Camping Skills I
    • Camping Skills II
    • Temperance
  3. Have or earn at least three of the following honors:
    • Backpacking
    • Basic Rescue
    • Camping Skills III
    • Camping Skills IV
    • Drilling & Marching
    • Ecology
    • Fire Building & Camp Cookery
    • Knot Tying
    • Nutrition
    • Orienteering
    • Stewardship
  4. Hold a current Red Cross First Aid & CPR certificate or its equivalent.


  1. Choose one of the following and do two Share Section options:
    • Read or listen to the four Gospels and The Desire of Ages by Ellen G. White.
    • Read or listen to the Encounter Plan, Series 1: Christ the Way.
  2. Keep a devotional journal for at least one month, summarizing what you learn in your devotional time and outlining how you are growing in your faith.
  3. Read or listen to the book Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White and do two Share Section options.
  4. Write a one-paragraph personal reflection on each of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs.
  5. Choose one of the following:
    • Teach a three-month Bible class/baptismal study
    • Teach five of the following beliefs at a church-approved program:
      1. Creation
      2. The Experience of Salvation
      3. Growing in Christ
      4. The Remnant and its Mission
      5. Baptism
      6. Spiritual Gifts and Ministries
      7. The Sabbath
      8. Christ’s Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary
      9. The Second Coming of Christ
      10. Death and Resurrection
  6. Choose one of the following and do two Share Section options:
    • Have or earn the Sanctuary honor.
    • Attend a Conference/Mission approved workshop about the Sanctuary.
  7. Choose one of the following and do two Share Section options:
    • Have or earn the Adventist Pioneer Heritage honor.
    • Watch the series Tell the World.
    • Watch the series Keepers of the Flame.
    • Read or listen to a book on church heritage approved by your Conference/Mission.


  1. Have or earn the Personal Evangelism honor.
  2. Have or earn three of the following honors:
    • Cultural Diversity Appreciation
    • Peacemaker
    • Social Media
    • One ADRA honor not previously earned
    • One Household Arts honor not previously earned
  3. Participate in organizing three social/fellowship events with your local church.
  4. Choose one of the following and when possible, involve your club or youth group:
    • Meet with a local government agency, non-profit, or other organization and participate in a community service project.
    • Work in an outreach initiative with your local coordinator of ADRA (or an equivalent ministry) for a minimum of three months.


Share what you are learning! Include evidence (picture, written summary, link, etc.) in your Portfolio.

  • Write three inspirational cards and give them to a friend that does not attend church.
  • Post three of your favorite quotes (with brief commentary) on social media or a personal blog.
  • Record a video or podcast summarizing three ideas you learned and post it online.
  • Discuss with a group three concepts you can apply to evangelism.
  • Present a devotional to your club or youth group.
  • Share in another creative way approved by your Conference/Mission.


  1. Have a written recommendation from your local church board, stating that you are a baptized member in regular standing.
  2. Complete all requirements of the Master Guide curriculum and pass a Portfolio review (see Manual) conducted by your Conference/Mission.
  3. The Master Guide program must be completed in a minimum of one year and a maxi­mum of three years. Any requirements fulfilled outside of the three-year limit must be re­peated. This time limit does not apply to honors previously earned or to candidates who require specific physical or medical accommodation.