Visionary Goals

Visionary Goals


The General Conference Youth Department will mobilize resources for the salvation of young people. The primary focus of our youth ministry is the salvation of our youth.Increased at-risk behavior among our youth, falling standards of morality, and an increase in the rate of youth apostasy brings us again to challenge the church to refocus on our true goal and restate our commitment to the salvation of our youth. We must build on our current strengths but also stretch the Youth Department beyond its traditional boundaries. We must improve the quality of youth ministry for the youth of the church and strengthen our programming to reflect our goal and effect the salvation of our youth.


The General Conference Youth Department will be one of the most influential forces in the placement of youth directors at all levels of the church and in the promotion of a high level of professionalism among youth leaders.In the past, youth ministries has concentrated its efforts on producing quality spiritual products and services for youth leaders. It is becoming increasingly clear that such efforts, whole necessary, are not sufficient in themselves. If youth organizations are to be markedly different, we must inform and persuade not only the youth but those that deal with youth, including their leaders, church administrators, parents and members. The Youth Department will be in the forefront operating a ministry with a worldwide reputation for saving its youth.


The General Conference Youth Department will have fully integrated its belief in and commitment to diversity throughout its governance, programs and affiliation.This goal expresses the determination of the General Conference Youth Department for the full participation of diverse groups within the activities of the Seventh-day Adventist youth organizations. During the past decade church youth surveys have shown that we are faced with many new challenges and new needs. Our focus and priorities have changed with the problems that are endemic in the society in which our youth live—AIDS, poverty, street kids, secularism, drugs, single parent families, etc. to mention just a few. The achievement of this goal is almost a prerequisite to the primary focus of youth ministry: the salvation of all our young people.


The General Conference Youth Department will actively engage in enhancing the capacity of Adventist youth organizations in the local church and educational systems for change and self-renewal.By focusing our energies on this goal we intend to develop a new level of youth leadership that will help our youth organizations at the local level not only to initiate but also to sustain the capacity for change and self-renewal. We need to equip our leaders in all youth cultures to achieve the goals and mission of the church relative to its youth.


The General Conference Youth Department will have restructured itself to fully exemplify the principles of youth ministry which include learning, values and practices of a constantly changing society.The environment in society is constantly changing. To be successful our ministry must respond to challenges that the political, social, and economic pressures bring upon our youth.


The General Conference Youth Department will work together with administration, pastors, educators, and youth leaders throughout the organizational structure of the world church to promote quality youth leadership that will address both national and global youth issues for salvation of young people.The whole church is to be united in working for the salvation of its youth. The structure and organization must reflect our common purpose. Increasing membership and often insufficient resources demand that we develop a unified approach and pooling of our joint expertise.