Early Bird

Basic Requirements

1. Recite the Adventurer Law

2. Complete the Story Listening II award

3. Complete the Birds award

My God

God’s Plan to Save Me

1. Color a story chart or lapbook about the people in the Bible who prayed: Samuel, Daniel, Jonah, David.

2. Learn how to pray independently.

3. Earn the Jesus Star award.

God’s Message to Me

  1. Complete the Bible Friends II award

God’s Power in My Life

1. Have a regular family worship time in your home. Keep a record.

2. Ask someone you know why they pray

3. Complete the God’s World award

My Self

I Am Special

1. Complete the Left & Right award

I Can Make Wise Choices

1. Complete the Manners Fun award

I Can Care for My Body

1. Complete the Know Your Body award

My Family

I Have a Family

1. Say the fifth commandment: “Honor your father and your mother” (Exodus 20:12)

• Families Care for Each Other

1. Complete the Home Helper I Award

My Family Helps Me Care for Myself

1. Complete the Fire Safety award

My World

The World of Friends

1. Complete the My Community Friends award

The World of Other People

1. Complete the Playing with Friends award

The World of Nature

1. Complete the Scavenger Hunt award

Other awards that may be earned by Early Birds include:

• Alphabet II

• Animal Homes

• Animals

• Cyclist I

• Swimmer I

• Crayons and Markers

• Gadgets and Sand

• Jigsaw Puzzle

• Pets

• Shapes & Sizes

• Sponge Art

• Stamping Fun I

• Toys