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Numbers 5
May 15, 2022
Day 135
The people at this time had no concept of germs or the way disease spreads, so God told them to separate sick people. In other places He gives more detail about how to bring them back when they are well. He also teaches the people about making restitution to one they have wronged. If we can, we are to make restitution directly to the one we have wronged, but if not, then to God.

Laying out Duties

Numbers 4
May 14, 2022
Day 134
Again, we are reminded that God loves order. Moses lays out the specific duties for each family clan within the tribe of Levi. It is so much easier and more enjoyable to do work when we know just what we are to do and how and when to do it. What are some things you are responsible for? Are there ways you could organize them more efficiently and make your work more enjoyable?

The Levites are God’s

Numbers 3
May 13, 2022
Day 133
This is an interesting chapter! Of course, all human beings belong to God, but here He stated that the firstborn are especially His, but that the Levites, as servants of the tabernacle and its services, were especially dedicated to Him in place of the firstborn. Since there were 273 more firstborn than Levites, God asked ransom money, which would go toward the tabernacle and the needs of the Levites. This must have been especially meaningful since it came immediately after their first Passover celebration after the real Passover in Egypt. Are you a firstborn? How does this make you feel?

Organizing the Camp

Numbers 2
May 12, 2022
Day 132
Now we see what God had in mind. All the members of each tribe were to have a particular place on the east, west, north, or south of the sanctuary. Can you think of reasons for this? God loves order, and also, He was seeking to rebuild a sense of tribal and national pride and self-respect in people who had been nothing but slaves for generations. How does it help you to feel healthy self-esteem, when you know who you are and where you belong?


Numbers 1
May 11, 2022
Day 131
After a year of work and prayer, the tabernacle is complete, the priests are dedicated, and the book of law for the priests and Levites is finished. The tabernacle is covered with a visible sign of God’s presence—cloud by day, fire by night (Num 9:15-16). The first thing the people did (though it is not mentioned until Num. 9) was to keep the Passover. Then God told Moses to number the men over 20, able to go to war if necessary. The Levites were not to go to war; only to care for the tabernacle. We may wonder why this census was needed now, since there was no apparent threat, but it will become clear in our next chapter.

Blessings of Obedience

Leviticus 26
May 9, 2022
Day 129
The first part of this chapter outlines the blessings God promises to those who are faithful to His covenant. The second part outlines the extremely unpleasant consequences of disobedience. But it’s the third part which is perhaps the most moving: here, God promises that even when His children are so rebellious and disobedient that they are taken over by enemy nations, He will still love and seek to restore them. That’s a great God we have!

Holy Days

Leviticus 23
May 6, 2022
Day 126
This is a lovely chapter. Unlike those which are more for priests, this is a list of God’s holy days for everyone, which He says are “lasting ordinance(s) for generations to come, wherever you live.” Go through the list individually and list the reasons you can see for each one, the things they were meant to teach about God. Do you notice factors that have to do with society, justice, and care of the vulnerable? How can you put these principles to work in your own life?

Being Holy

Leviticus 22
May 5, 2022
Day 125
Right now, the whole priesthood and the sacrificial system are all new to the Israelites. Except for Nadab and Abihu, no one is taking it for granted. But God knows that people will become complacent after a while. Doing the rituals will be “just another day.” So, He makes instructions to remind people to keep His things sacred and maintain respect for the sacrifices—but most of all, for God. What can you take for your life from this chapter?

Horrible Sins

Leviticus 20
May 3, 2022
Day 123
Just as God has chosen to repeat and highlight certain of His commandments as being extra important, here He highlights some sins that are especially abhorrent. This is an ugly chapter to read. Idolatry is bad enough, but to burn your children to Molech is worse. Immorality is bad enough, but to steal each other’s spouses is worse. Cursing your own parents, using family members lustfully—these are terrible sins. Why? Because they destroy the people God loves so much. Israel is looked upon as an example of godliness. If the other nations see this kind of thing, what will they think of God?
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