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The useless vine

Ezekiel 15
April 9, 2024
Day 100
If you were a carpenter, looking for wood to build something with, what kind of wood would you seek? God says Jerusalem and her people have been weak, clinging, and worthless, rather than standing strong against the storms of life like the trees they were intended to be like. Are you a vine, or a tree?

God’s word immovable

Ezekiel 12
April 6, 2024
Day 97
Ezekiel, already in exile with others, acts out a living parable showing that the ones still in Jerusalem will also go into exile. When people claim that his vision, even if true, is for far in the future, God is clear that it is not. Can we apply this to Jesus’ second coming? What are its limitations?

A new Sanctuary

Ezekiel 11
April 5, 2024
Day 96
The prophet sees the evil leaders of Jerusalem, and God’s judgment against them and is terrified. Will the land be completely gone? God responds with reassurance that He is their sanctuary no matter where they go, and makes one of the most beautiful promises in the Bible. Where does God truly dwell?

A mark on the forehead

Ezekiel 9
April 3, 2024
Day 94
Ezekiel has seen the abominations going on in the name of God. Now he learns that not only are there people who are innocent, but they are “sighing and groaning” over these abominations. Do you think there are people like this today in our world?

A vision of God the Son

Ezekiel 8
April 2, 2024
Day 93
This chapter deals with the secret and horrifying evils going on even within God’s own house back in Jerusalem. Compare the description in v 2 with the description in Rev. 1:13-15 and see if you think this was a vision of Jesus Himself, before He came to earth.

Day of the end

Ezekiel 7
April 1, 2024
Day 92
There are two phrases which recur over and over. One is “the (or an) end,” and the other is “the day.” Count how many times they occur and what God says about them. Can you see ways this prophecy applies to the end of time, as well?

Idolatry hurts God

Ezekiel 6
March 31, 2024
Day 91
Here, God gives (again) the most important reason why it is so bad for us to worship other things, things our own hands have made, instead of our true Creator. What is it?
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