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God’s indictment and promises

Isaiah 1
November 24, 2023
Day 328
Much of Isaiah will be especially full of human rebellion and God’s rebukes. But God always ends with promises. He pleads for His people to come back to Him so that He can heal them. He begins here: “Please! Come! Let’s talk!” Important: Notice how God defines righteousness in vs 16-17. In the previous verses, He has said church-going is not only insufficient, it’s actually evil if it is mixed with injustice and indifference.

Separated but searching

Song of Solomon 5
November 20, 2023
Day 324
This chapter tells of a painful incident when the bride feels abandoned, goes after her beloved, and is harmed. Have there been times when your spiritual life felt like this? Continue your list and remind yourself of the insights that will most help at these times.

The groom’s love for his bride

Song of Solomon 4
November 19, 2023
Day 323
Some of these endearments are funny to us today, but the fact is, human language is not sufficient to the task of describing even human love, let alone God’s love. Continue your list, and try hard to imagine that to Jesus, you are as beautiful in soul as Solomon saw his bride. How can v 7 be true of you?

Seeking and finding

Song of Solomon 3
November 18, 2023
Day 322
All relationships have rough spots. This includes our relationship with God—not on His side, but on ours. Have you sometimes felt you were seeking Him and not finding him? The bride asks for help. Have you? Continue your list. Mark the insight that means the most to you.

Declarations of love

Song of Solomon 2
November 17, 2023
Day 321
The first half of this chapter is the bride’s descriptions of her lover; the second half his descriptions of her. Continue your list. In what ways has God spread his banners over you, and what are some of the “little foxes” which try to ruin your relationship?

The Courtship

Song of Solomon 1
November 16, 2023
Day 320
This little book has two layers. It is often seen as a picture of the love of Christ for His church; it is also a love song showing that God is truly glorified in human love. Start a double list today: in one column list your insights into God’s love for you, in the other list insights into the beauty of true human love.

Remember God in your youth

Ecclesiastes 12
November 15, 2023
Day 319
At the end of it all, Solomon wishes he’d held onto the faith he had as a boy. He learned a very great deal in his long life, but he learned most of it the hard way. He has shared some of the results with us in this book, and it inspires us to cling to God now, and not have to come back in ashes of repentance later

Generosity and careful planning

Ecclesiastes 11
November 14, 2023
Day 318
Here, Solomon begins to speak of generosity, diligence, and humility. We don’t really know how things work, so we should just do our jobs and share with others. What do you think it means to cast your bread on the waters and find it after many days?
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