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Queen of Sheba Visits

2 Chronicles 9
January 24, 2023
Day 24
When visitors came to Solomon’s court—and they did come, from all over the known world—they always went home with new awe and respect for Solomon and his wisdom in ruling his people. But they also went with something far more important: at least a little knowledge of the one true God. Sheba’s queen seems to have accepted this whole-heartedly, as we can hope many others did, too. To this day, in northern Africa, people claim to be descended, not necessarily physically, but spiritually, from this faithful queen.

All is Done

2 Chronicles 8
January 23, 2023
Day 23
We now begin to read (again) of the accomplishments of Solomon. And we see his weaknesses creeping in, too—a wife who is the daughter of Pharaoh, with whom God’s people are not supposed to ally themselves, and more forced labor. These things will cause harm to the kingdom over time. But he is still seeking to obey; for instance, moving his wife out of places where the ark has been. He is also honoring his alliance with Tyre.

God’s Response

2 Chronicles 7
January 22, 2023
Day 22
Again, the Shekinah glory fills the temple. This time, it burns up all the sacrifices, too. All the people present are reminded, as their forebears were at Sinai, how great God is, and fall before Him in worship. Then God responds, in detail, to all the things Solomon asks. And He warns again, these promises are conditional on obedience. David’s kingdom will not last if the kings do not follow God.

Solomon’s Prayer

2 Chronicles 6
January 21, 2023
Day 21
It is perhaps in this chapter more than any other that the amazing richness of wisdom that God granted Solomon is on display. Most people of his time think that there are many gods, and that they do dwell in the temples made by their followers. Solomon not only knows better, he sets out to be sure as many people as possible know better. To this high and holy God, far too big to dwell anywhere on earth, he addresses a prayer that is so far-reaching in its subject matter that it is still all-encompassing today. It would be a wonderful blessing for you to learn the entire prayer, or at least those parts which bless you most.

The Furnishings

2 Chronicles 4
January 19, 2023
Day 19
It’s staggering to think of the massive amounts of gold and bronze that went into this building and its furnishings. Only leaders, such as Huram or Solomon himself, are named, but hundreds of people worked on this huge project, and it would be still standing today if it weren’t for warfare. The chronicler kept complete records and passed them down to us.

Temple Specifications

2 Chronicles 3
January 18, 2023
Day 18
The chronicler wants to record all the details of the specifications of God’s house, too, for future generations. I wonder if he had any idea we would be reading them, translated into many different languages, thousands of years later? It’s a reminder that the things we choose and say and do may live on long after we do. You can find pictures of artists’ best ideas of what Solomon’s temple looked like, either online or in books.

Beginning the Work

2 Chronicles 2
January 17, 2023
Day 17
Solomon begins the great task of his life, though he shows immediately that he knows God can’t live in any building. He sends to the king of Tyre for artisans and for lumber, and you’ll notice in verse 12 that this “pagan” king recognizes the power of God. Solomon bargains for what he will pay. But at the end, he begins to go astray. He counts all resident aliens and forces them to work whether they want to or not. How much more of a blessing might this project have been to the people if he had invited all to work as God led their hearts, the way Moses did?

A Praise Gathering

1 Chronicles 29
January 15, 2023
Day 15
David lists all the things he has collected for building the temple. Even though he was disappointed not to get to build it himself, as a father, it must have been almost better to set things up for his son to do it. He proclaimed a day of praise and worship, and of offerings and feasting. At the end of the chapter, it looks as though David goes ahead and sets Solomon on the throne before he dies. David’s and Solomon’s statistics are given, and thus ends the first book of the Chronicler.

Setting the Plan in Motion

1 Chronicles 28
January 14, 2023
Day 14
David and his team completed all the behind-the-scenes work and got everything organized. He even made a plan of the temple, following and enlarging on the original plan given to Moses. Then David made a public ceremony out of turning it all over to Solomon, even though he wasn’t king yet. David’s speeches, at verses 2-10 and 19-21, are some of the most beautiful in the Bible. You can take them to heart even though you are not a king’s son. Write down your favorite verse or verses and keep them with you.
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