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Request—and Answer

Psalm 28
June 3, 2023
Day 154
In this song, more than many of them, there is a very obvious division between the part that begs for God’s help—especially that David not be punished with those who have done wickedly—and the part that praises God for answering and helping David. He says in so many words that one reason he writes these songs is to thank God. How do you show your gratitude?

A Psalm for Fear

Psalm 27
June 2, 2023
Day 153
Are you ever afraid? David was—lots of times. He wrote songs about it, and in those songs, he reminded himself to trust God no matter what. It’s especially difficult when people are telling lies about you. Part of the fear is that others will believe them. David begs God (and you can beg with him) to hold up his head and hide him in God’s tabernacle. What do you fear? What will you do about it?

More Prayer for Guidance

Psalm 26
June 1, 2023
Day 152
You can never ask too much for God to keep you in the path. Here, David is examining his soul. He could not always say what he was saying on the day he wrote this song, but sometimes he could honestly say he’d stuck close to God, not wavering in his faith or hanging out with wicked and deceitful people. How is your soul this week?

A Prayer for Guidance

Psalm 25
May 31, 2023
Day 151
David was constantly reminding himself through his songs to keep his eyes, his heart, his whole being centered on God. He needed the reminders—so do we! There are many great memory verses in this psalm. Find the one you need the most, write and illustrate it, and keep it where you can see it.

The King Arrives

Psalm 24
May 30, 2023
Day 150
The first part of this psalm praises the great Creator and reminds us that all that exists is His alone. It points out who may stand in God’s holy place—and Jesus is the only One who meets these criteria. Then it tells Part 3 of the three-psalm story: a beautiful image of Jesus arriving back in heaven after what must have seemed like a long 34 years, even to immortal beings! The angels set up an antiphonal chant to welcome Him—the Victor! Heaven is open to God’s children now, and in Christ, we can have clean hands and a pure heart!

Jesus is Our Shepherd

Psalm 23
May 29, 2023
Day 149
If you don’t already know this psalm by heart, now is a good time to learn it. If you live where there are sheep, this imagery will be easily understandable to you. If not, learn what you can about sheep care; it is a very good picture of God’s care for us. One pastor puts Psalms 22, 23, and 24 into a picture of Jesus’ last days. Psalm 22 speaks of Jesus’ death; 23 is peaceful and restful, like His brief time in the tomb; and 24—well, you’ll find out tomorrow!

Jesus’ Cry

Psalm 22
May 28, 2023
Day 148
Here is one of the greatest of messianic psalms. David wrote it from his own anguish—imagine if he’d known the true Messiah would quote it 1000 years later in His own anguish! But have you ever looked up the psalm Jesus quoted from on the cross? Look at the end—even during His agonizing death, Jesus was telling His enemies that He would prevail at last! You are one of those “generations yet unborn” who have been told His story!

For the King(s)

Psalm 21
May 27, 2023
Day 147
In this psalm, David praises God for caring for him through his kingship. Depending on how old he was when he wrote it, it’s also possible that it could refer to his hopes for his son, Solomon, who did, in fact (after David’s death, of course) fulfill all these hopes. It might be tempting to think this psalm doesn’t refer to us—we’re not kings or queens! But look again. What verses mean something to your life?

A Song for You!

Psalm 20
May 26, 2023
Day 146
Here is an interesting psalm—it’s not a song of David’s feelings, but of his wishes for whoever sings or hears the song. That includes you and me! As you read through this song, think of specific times God has answered you in trouble, or granted you your heart’s desire. Think of a way you can boast of His name to someone else this week.
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