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Tyre destroyed

Ezekiel 26
April 20, 2024
Day 111
Tyre, too, mocked and jeered at Judah’s destruction. It was destroyed and has never been rebuilt. Once again, some of this sounds similar to the final judgments against the whole satanic system of following one’s own desires instead of seeking God and the values of love and compassion.

The most painful living parable

Ezekiel 24
April 18, 2024
Day 109
Of all the things God asks his prophets to do for Him, this must have been one of the most difficult. God tells Ezekiel that his wife will die, but he must use her death as another parable for the people. He is not to mourn, just as the people will not be able to mourn their relatives now that Jerusalem is under siege. Try to imagine Ezekiel’s pain.

Two sinful sisters

Ezekiel 23
April 17, 2024
Day 108
This chapter is even more difficult to read. God tells the story of Israel (the northern kingdom) and Judah (the southern kingdom), using the imagery of two lewd and promiscuous sisters. Nothing else God has said or done has made the slightest impression. Perhaps these shocking images will rouse them to realize the horrific nature of their defiance against God.

The sins of the people

Ezekiel 22
April 16, 2024
Day 107
This is a difficult chapter to read. The list of the people’s defiant sins goes on and on; at the head of the list are bloodshed, idolatry, and immorality. God says He couldn’t find even one righteous person to “stand in the gap.” What do you think that means?

God groans and weeps

Ezekiel 21
April 15, 2024
Day 106
God has determined that judgment is necessary, but He hates it. If only His children would have listened to Him! He has given chance after chance after chance, even after the first attacks of Babylon and the first taking of captives. But they will not. The same thing happens when Jesus comes, several centuries later. (See Matt. 23:37.)

God remembers

Ezekiel 20
April 14, 2024
Day 105
Elders among the exiles come to Ezekiel, claiming to inquire of the Lord. God reminds them of His leading for hundreds of years past. Do they really want to inquire of Him now? Unlikely. What does God say the true purpose of the Sabbath is? Why does He repeat it twice? Do you think we clearly understand this today, or have we turned it into a burden?

God’s tears

Ezekiel 19
April 13, 2024
Day 104
Again we are shown God weeping for the people into which He has poured so much love and care and training. He planted them in a good and fertile land where they had all they needed, He gave them water (especially important in an arid land)…and how did they respond?

Each one’s life judged individually

Ezekiel 18
April 12, 2024
Day 103
This is a chapter to which we still come back today. Some think the third commandment (Ex. 20:5-6) in which God describes consequences, as being His choice to punish descendants. Here He sets the record clear. Each stands before God alone. Lest we think this is all judged on works, He clarifies further in v 31—what is needed is a new heart—which He has already promised.
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