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Daily Devotional

Prayer for rescue and justice

Psalm 140
September 23, 2023
Day 266
How many times in his life was David in big trouble from enemies, and needing rescue from God? How many times in your life have you been in big trouble and begging for rescue? No matter how frightened you get, can you cling, as David did, to “I know” God will bring justice to the poor and afflicted?

God knows me

Psalm 139
September 22, 2023
Day 265
Many people, if they believe in God at all, consider Him to be high and distant, unconcerned or little concerned with human affairs. The Bible shows us a God who was paying attention to us even when we were unformed and unborn. What are you most grateful to God for, about your personal being—physical, emotional, and mental?

Praise and thanksgiving

Psalm 138
September 21, 2023
Day 264
Here, David is being true to his best self as “a man after God’s own heart.” He praises, and even when he is in trouble, as in v. 7, he trusts. Notice that in this instance, David admits in v. 6 that God still “knows” the haughty, even though they are far from Him. What are you thankful for?


Psalm 137
September 20, 2023
Day 263
Have you ever felt imprisoned by circumstances beyond your control? Have you thought it was too hard to sing to God when you were in such trouble? It isn’t true. Praises in trouble are the sweetest praises of all, and will save you from the despairing and sinful vengefulness of the last verses of this psalm

A call-and-response song

Psalm 136
September 19, 2023
Day 262
This psalm is great fun to sing or chant responsively, one group on one side of a large room and one group on the other. Which of the many blessings listed mean the most to you right now?

Night watch

Psalm 134
September 17, 2023
Day 260
Hear in our Morning Watch series, we find a prayer and blessing for night watchers. This could mean literally people who watch over churches and homes at night. Could it also mean some other kind of spiritual watching over people in darkness? What do you think?

Prayer for the sanctuary

Psalm 132
September 15, 2023
Day 258
This psalm is fairly specific to the sanctuary in Jerusalem. In what ways can you see that it applies to your local church and congregation? Who is now the Son of David who has been set permanently on the throne of God’s people? (See Matt. 1:1.)

Despair and trust

Psalm 130
September 13, 2023
Day 256
One of the psalms from which the term “morning watch” comes from, this depicts someone truly in the depths. Tempted to give up completely, the writer still longs for the Lord and chooses to wait and trust. Have you felt like this? Pray this psalm and choose trust. (If you have online access, you can find this psalm set to beautiful music.)
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