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Laws against Immorality

Leviticus 18
May 1, 2022
Day 121
If you read these two verses side-by-side, you can see that they interpret each other. What details can you learn about what it means to live by God’s laws and statutes by looking at the two together? Later, the Bible will say that we live by faith; here it says we live by God’s law. Do you think these are the same? If a person simply seeks to follow the list of rules, but doesn’t have faith in God’s grace, is that really living by God’s law of love? Naturally, if one is truly living by God’s law of love, one will be faithful and not immoral.

Outside Sacrifices

Leviticus 17
April 30, 2022
Day 120
The people still carry with them some memories of sacrifices to other false gods, and this chapter is intended to prevent them from doing those sacrifices. It may also represent people trying to create their own separate worship rituals or be their own priests. All are to come to the tabernacle to sacrifice only to God. The word translated “life” which is said to be in the blood can also be translated “soul.” Why do you think God forbids the eating of blood?

The Day of Atonement

Leviticus 16
April 29, 2022
Day 119
This chapter describes the holiest feast of the year. Almost all the details of this Day contain symbols of Jesus sacrificing Himself to atone for us. For instance, the goat that is taken outside the camp and set free represents the devil, the one who is really responsible for all the sin that has engulfed this planet. If you are interested, you can read much more about this in Patriarchs and Prophets, pp. 355-358.

More Health Laws

Leviticus 14
April 27, 2022
Day 117
This chapter continues to deal with physical health, but also gets into the ways in which a building can become unhealthy to its occupants. After a flood, for instance, we know now that very dangerous mold can infiltrate the wood to the point that it will no longer be possible for people to live there. The building sometimes has to be burned and a new one built. The chapter also makes provision for spiritual cleansing. Why do you think people need spiritual cleansing from physical health issues?

Health Laws

Leviticus 13
April 26, 2022
Day 116
In Bible times, people did not have the understanding we do today of diseases, medicine, or sanitation. God made many precise laws about cleanliness, many of which we shall see. He also gave precise instructions about disease. Here are some details about how to know if something was chronic or not. It’s important to understand these were various chronic diseases called leprosy; not all were what we call leprosy today. Why do you think He made the priests responsible for these things?

Laws for Mothers

Leviticus 12
April 25, 2022
Day 115
Some of the rules God gave have been used as excuses by men to think that women are unclean or unholy. Over the centuries, there has been a lot of that. God did not say any such thing! He loves His daughters just as much as His sons and seeks both to protect their health and also to give them some time off when they are new mothers. Also, as in other laws, you can see God’s mercy in making different offering requirements for rich and poor.

Clean and Unclean

Leviticus 11
April 24, 2022
Day 114
This is still an important chapter to us today. We do not believe God simply gave these laws as arbitrary rules for the Israelites alone. We believe there were and are important health reasons for the distinctions made in this chapter. If you do some research, you can learn very important reasons for these health rules. For example, shellfish are given the job of cleaning up the waste that flows from the continents into the seas. We don’t want to eat that! Can you find other health reasons for these distinctions?

“Strange Fire”

Leviticus 10
April 23, 2022
Day 113
Nadab and Abihu, two of the newly consecrated priests, apparently thought they were now special and didn’t have to obey instruction. First, they got drunk, then they used ordinary fire to burn incense, instead of the heavenly fire God had provided. That fire became their death. How sorrowful God must have been to lose two of His priests so soon after the sanctuary system began! How can we be sure not to fall into that kind of presumptuous sin?

God’s Affirmation

Leviticus 9
April 22, 2022
Day 112
For the first time as a consecrated, ordained priest, Aaron offers the sacrifices, first for himself and his own sin, then for the people. Step by step, he follows the directions he has been given from God, through Moses. To show them that they have done rightly and pleased God, God sends His own heavenly fire to consume the offering. This heavenly fire is now the fire that must be kept burning in the tabernacle from now on. What must that have been like? Would you have shouted with the rest of the people?
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