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Remember God in your youth

Ecclesiastes 12
November 15, 2023
Day 319
At the end of it all, Solomon wishes he’d held onto the faith he had as a boy. He learned a very great deal in his long life, but he learned most of it the hard way. He has shared some of the results with us in this book, and it inspires us to cling to God now, and not have to come back in ashes of repentance later

Generosity and careful planning

Ecclesiastes 11
November 14, 2023
Day 318
Here, Solomon begins to speak of generosity, diligence, and humility. We don’t really know how things work, so we should just do our jobs and share with others. What do you think it means to cast your bread on the waters and find it after many days?

Folly in high places

Ecclesiastes 10
November 13, 2023
Day 317
There are many foolish things listed here. Some are done by common people, some by the king himself. Why do you think it comes down to wise words and temperance (eating appropriately rather than gluttony)?

Do your best and leave the rest to God

Ecclesiastes 9
November 12, 2023
Day 316
It seems that Solomon is beginning to reach true trust. He still August think everything on earth is pointless—we all die—but he does see that we are in the hand of God, and that wisdom is better than strength and can solve grave issues. Why do you think it is important to strive for godly wisdom whether anyone else heeds it or not?

God’s wisdom

Ecclesiastes 8
November 11, 2023
Day 315
It seems that Solomon is beginning to accept that God’s wisdom might be higher than his, and that no matter how smart he is, he can never understand all God understands. Do you think he is beginning to trust, or only to resign himself? What is the difference?

Wisdom versus folly

Ecclesiastes 7
November 10, 2023
Day 314
Solomon’s attitude has changed. In the first chapters, he was claiming great wisdom; here, in v. 23, he admits his wisdom falls short. He still thinks things look pretty dark, but he also sees God’s hand in all. Can you?

Attitudes toward God and others

Ecclesiastes 5
November 8, 2023
Day 312
Solomon sees that human wisdom is nothing compared to God’s wisdom, and he counsels humility before God. We need to pay our vows to God, and work to relieve oppression and injustice. He also warns against love of money. Which passage appeals to you?
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