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Ministers of All Other Divisions in the Country

1 Chronicles 27
January 13, 2023
Day 13
David was getting old, and he had learned a lot (mostly the hard way!) He saw that having things organized, from the army commanders right down to who took care of donkeys, camels, and land, would make life a lot better. As you read, which of these jobs do you think you would be most suited for? Does your church, your school, your family organize things this carefully? If not, how can you help?


1 Chronicles 26
January 12, 2023
Day 12
In chapter 23:5, we saw that besides the 4,000 musicians there were also 4,000 gatekeepers. This chapter shows how they were divided—according to verses 17 and 18, it seems there would be around 22 gatekeepers on duty at any one time. Their posts were also chosen by lot. If you read carefully, you will find interesting little tidbits scattered here and there, such as in verse 14, which says one of the gatekeepers was “a counselor with insight.” How many can you find, and which are your favorite?

Divisions of Ministry

1 Chronicles 24
January 10, 2023
Day 10
Here are more faithful records of the details about how the services were set up and how the people were chosen for each ministry. It seems that once a person or a family was set apart for a certain ministry (which was led by the Holy Spirit) they made the decision about whose turn was next simply by drawing straws, or casting lots in some way. That’s a good way to make a choice if the result doesn’t matter one way or another. Then, knowing how important it is to keep good records, scribes wrote all these things down so there would be no confusion later.

Getting Ready for the Temple Project

1 Chronicles 23
January 9, 2023
Day 9
This chapter contains very interesting material about how David set up the tabernacle services. You can read names of many of the musicians, and you’ll notice there were 4,000 of them! Now, these didn’t all work at once; both priests and Levites took turns serving at the temple. But still, 4,000 people just for praising God with music. How many do you think there are in your local conference? Also, verse 5 says David made the instruments! We can assume he didn’t make thousands of them, or even hundreds, so perhaps it means he designed them.

David Charges Solomon

1 Chronicles 22
January 8, 2023
Day 8
The version of events in the Chronicles is shorter and quicker than the one in Kings. David has come already to his older years. Solomon is a young man and David has chosen him as next king. So, David collects stone, nails, and all kinds of supplies for the temple which Solomon will build. In this chapter, he gives fatherly advice and counsel to his son. Is there anything in this advice that you can adapt and use in your own life?

David Learns a Hard Lesson

1 Chronicles 21
January 7, 2023
Day 7
David’s pride was beginning to grow. It was God who had given him his kingdom, but he wanted to know how many soldiers he had. Joab recognized the danger, but David wouldn’t listen. What happened next showed him something that is true for all of us, but especially for people in leadership positions: our choices cause good or ill not just to ourselves, but to those who look up to and trust us. David never made this same mistake again.

Memories of Goliath

1 Chronicles 20
January 6, 2023
Day 6
David shows in this story that he is beginning what will become a pattern for him more than once, of being more cruel than he needs to be, even in a war. He also goes out to war with giants who are related to Goliath. It must bring back memories of his boyhood. Have you ever had to fight “giants” of trouble or temptation, won over them in God’s grace, and then had their “relatives” come back to cause you more trouble later?

A Big Mistake

1 Chronicles 19
January 5, 2023
Day 5
Nahash, the new king of Ammon, makes a big mistake in this story! David sent some people to comfort him after the death of his father, and Nahash listened to troublemakers who said they were really there to spy out his land. In the end, he caused a war, which he lost badly. It’s terrible, the amount of destruction in the world caused by simple misunderstanding and making negative judgments about each other.

Collecting Supplies for the Temple

1 Chronicles 18
January 4, 2023
Day 4
In this chapter you can see in action one of the reasons God says David may not build His temple: David’s hands are “full of blood.” In his zeal to establish the kingdom of God, David does an awful lot of killing. But he also begins to collect the treasures with which his son, Solomon, will build God a temple. What treasures do you collect in your life, with which to build God a temple in your heart?
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