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Ezekiel’s call

Ezekiel 2
March 27, 2024
Day 87
Ezekiel is in Babylon with the exiles. From what has happened, you’d think God had completely given up on these people. But no—He’s still calling prophets. He warns that they won’t listen, but Ezekiel is to speak truth to them just the same. What would you have said?

Ezekiel’s vision

Ezekiel 1
March 26, 2024
Day 86
Of all the strange visions the prophets ever had, this must be one of the strangest. People have tried to draw the “vehicle,” they have speculated about everything from nonsense to aliens and spacecraft. Bottom line, what do you think this vision was about?

Admitting they deserved it all

Lamentations 4
March 24, 2024
Day 84
The sin was so great. Jeremiah admits they deserved everything they got. He remembers again how, even in the ugliness of the siege, the people didn’t care for each other, but only for themselves. How could God have let it continue without judgment? He couldn’t. And He can’t now, either. He will put a stop to it.

Turn to God

Lamentations 2
March 22, 2024
Day 82
Only the direst of necessities will cause God to allow such intense suffering. As we have seen, He tried endlessly to get His people to repent, and they were defiant. Still, His heart breaks for them; still He begs them to return. Have you ever sinned and felt this miserable and hopeless? What did you do?

More details on Jerusalem’s fall

Jeremiah 52
March 20, 2024
Day 80
Jeremiah ends with a kind of epilogue that gives more details of the final fall of Jerusalem, such as describing the valuables from the temple that were taken. At the end, it surprises with a story showing that even some Babylonians could show mercy to their enemies. Can you?

Babylon’s final fall

Jeremiah 51
March 19, 2024
Day 79
Here is more detail about Babylon’s guilt and destruction. What clues can you find that this prophecy, besides being about the fall of the literal Babylon who conquered Judah, is also about the final fall of Satan’s false system?

Babylon’s end foretold

Jeremiah 50
March 18, 2024
Day 78
Babylon was used by God as an instrument to punish rebellious Judah. Under Nebuchadnezzar, there was some justice. But later rulers would be “jubilant” over their “pillaging” (v 11) and ultimately, Babylon would face its own judgment. Besides, God held the “shepherds” (leaders) of His people more responsible than the ordinary citizens. But each is responsible for their own choice. Which have you made?

Prophecies of destruction

Jeremiah 49
March 17, 2024
Day 77
Ammon, Edom, Damascus, and more. Some of these nations were originally relatives of the Israelites. Anyway, we’re all descended from Noah, and all brothers and sisters. We know better than to do the things we have done, and we all deserve God’s judgment. Still, He offers mercy, especially for the vulnerable ones who have been the victims of those under judgment.
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