Adventist Ministry to College and University Students

AMiCUS (Adventist Ministry to College and University Students) seeks to meet the spiritual, intellectual, and social needs of Seventh-day Adventist students on secular campuses worldwide. In cooperation with leaders at various church levels, it aims to achieve these goals by strengthening the faith commitment of these students to Seventh-day Adventist beliefs and values, providing opportunities for Christian fellowship, preparing students to deal with the intellectual challenges that arise in a secular environment, developing their leadership abilities, and training them for outreach and witnessing on the campus, in the community, and in the world at large.

The General Conference AMiCUS Committee provides leadership and coordination to the ministry on behalf of Adventist students in non-Adventist colleges and universities, in cooperation with their representatives in each of the 13 world divisions.

AMiCUS carries out its main assignments, in consultation with leaders in the world divisions, as follows:

Adventist Youth Ministries leads out in fostering the organization of student (PCM) associations in university centers, training students for outreach, holding student retreats, and developing necessary materials.
Contact: Pastor Busi Khumalo, [email protected] or [email protected]. Website:     

Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries takes the initiative in providing training for campus chaplains and pastors in university centers, and in developing materials to support their ministry. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries also maintains an international list of Seventh-day Adventist campus chaplains.
Contact: Dr. Ivan Omana Ceballos, [email protected] or [email protected] Website:

The Education Department is responsible for Developing College and University Dialogue as a network journal published in interdivision languages (English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish), and for printing and distributing the journal on the basis of orders received through the world divisions.

Contact: Dr. Lisa Beardsley, [email protected] Website:

Health Ministries is responsible for helping to build resilience among students and young adults by equipping them to make healthy choices through the Youth Alive program so that young people can better understand their gifts and their purpose.

Contact: Dr. Katia Reinert, [email protected]. Website:  

Ministerial Association is responsible for discharging information to local church Pastors and Elders as well as motivating them to support PCM programs and the implementation of the PCM agenda.  

Contact: [email protected] Website: