Worms Advanced

Level: 2


  • What are the three major classes of platyhelminthes? Describe them.
  • Name an example of a nematoda and describe its lifecycle.
  • What are the three major classes of annelida and how do they move?
  • Answer the following:
    • Distinguish between the following body structures: coelomates, pseudocoelomates, and acoelomates.
    • Which body structures are common in the three phyla of worms?
  • Be able to demonstrate three ways to purify water.
  • Complete the following:
    • From what you have learned about worms: Why is the availability of fresh water so important to human health, especially in third world countries?
    • Organize a fundraiser to support organizations that strive to provide freshwater to third world countries.
  • Describe a spiritual lesson about living water from the Bible.

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