Level: 2


  1. Tell how the following processes are related to lumber and how each process is done:
    1. Growing trees
    2. Harvesting of trees
    3. Milling
    4. Curing
    5. Seasoning
    6. Grading
  2. Collect and label five different kinds of wood used in woodworking. Tell the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  3. List the basic hand and power tools necessary to do woodworking. Know how to safely use each tool and how to keep it in proper working order, including sharpening, if applicable.
  4. Explain the following joints:
    1. Butt
    2. Rabbet
    3. Dado and groove
    4. Lap
    5. Miter
    6. Mortise and tenon
    7. Dovetail
    8. Dowel
  5. Know the characteristics of and how to work with the following:
    1. Plywood
    2. Hardboard
    3. Particleboard
  6. Know at least two ways to finish the edges of plywood.
  7. Demonstrate the proper technique of gluing and clamping wood.
  8. Choose a plan for and complete an article of household furniture, such as a small table, footstool, writing desk, or bookcase. List the materials needed for your project.
  9. Know and use the proper steps in finishing a wood project with either natural finish or a stain.
  10. Do two of the following:
    1. Make a project with a door or lid with inset hinges.
    2. Make a scale model of a house or building with a cutaway view showing the interior detail.
    3. Assist in making and/or repairing wooden toys for needy children.
    4. Make a project using dowel, miter, or mortise and tenon joints.
    5. Make a project using curved cuts, or beveled or rounded edges.

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