Wind Surfing

Level: 2


  1. Have the Intermediate Swimming Honor.
  2. Learn the meaning of the following terms:
    1. Across the wind
    2. Backhand
    3. Basic starting position
    4. Beginner’s checklist
    5. Board control
    6. Centerboard
    7. Center line
    8. Center plane
    9. Clew
    10. Forward
    11. Forward hand
    12. In
    13. Jibe
    14. Mast position
    15. Out
    16. Points of the clock
    17. Sail trim
    18. Self rescue
    19. Scissor technique
    20. Tack
    21. Uphaul
    22. Visual reference point
  3. Know the names of the board parts and demonstrate how to rig your own sail.
  4. Explain the basics of sailing theory.
  5. Define and demonstrate the basic starting position.
  6. Define and demonstrate the four steps to tacking.
  7. Define and demonstrate the four steps to jibing.
  8. List the seven starting sequence steps used to start a sailboard moving through the water.
  9. Answer the following questions about safety:
    1. What safety equipment should be worn while windsurfing?
    2. Why is it important to know the local weather forecast before going out on the water?
    3. When first learning to windsurf, why is it important to be in an enclosed or protected area?
    4. What are the hand signals for “Everything is okay” and “I need help”?
  10. How should the sail and sailboard be cared for to keep them in good working order?
  11. Successfully sail a sailboard to a visual point of reference and return to the starting position.

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