Wilderness Living

Level: 2


  1. Go on at least two weekend campouts during which you learn the skills called for in this honor.
  2. Tell five things to do if lost in the wilderness. Know three methods of determining directions without a compass.
  3. Demonstrate three ways to purify drinking water.
  4. Know three ways to collect drinking water in the wilderness and demonstrate two of these methods.
  5. Demonstrate two methods of judging the height of a tree and the width of a stream.
  6. Identify four wild animal or bird tracks.
  7. Using a compass, follow a course for more than 100 yards with three different headings and less than 5% error.
  8. Identify in the wild, prepare, and eat ten varieties of wild plants.
  9. Have a personal survival kit of 15 items and know how to use each item.
  10. Explain the necessity in wilderness living of adequate sleep, proper diet, personal hygiene, and proper exercise.
  11. Have the First Aid Honor. In addition to the First Aid Honor, know the prevention, symptoms, and the first aid treatment for the following:
    1. Hypothermia
    2. Venomous snake bite
    3. Heat and sunstroke
    4. Heat exhaustion
    5. Poison ivy and poison oak
    6. Open wound infection
    7. Altitude sickness
    8. Dehydration
  12. Demonstrate two ways to signal for help.
  13. Demonstrate the principles of stalking and concealment.
  14. Explain how to prepare and provide shelter on the following:
    1. Snow slopes
    2. Rocky areas
    3. Swamps and marshes
    4. Forests and tundra
  15. Prepare a balanced menu for two people for a weekend. Prepare these meals while on a campout over an open fire or a camp stove.
  16. Know ways to observe wilderness etiquette and how you can contribute to wilderness conservation.
  17. Demonstrate how to tie the following knots and know their uses:
    1. Bowline
    2. Bowline on a bight
    3. Clove hitch
    4. Double fisherman’s
    5. Figure eight
    6. Prusic
    7. Taut-linehitch
    8. Two half hitches
    9. Square

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