Water Skiing


Level: 2


  1. Prerequisite: Have the Intermediate Swimming Honor.
  2. Know and practice the following safety rules:
    1. Never ski at night
    2. Never ski during an electrical storm.
    3. Always wear a ski vest while skiing.
    4. Check to be sure the vest buckle is securely locked.
    5. Make sure the ski rope is in good condition.
    6. Make sure the ski bindings are in good condition.
    7. Have a spotter or a mirror in the ski boat.
    8. Stay clear of objects, such as other skiers, swimmers, docks, or floating objects.
    9. If a fall occurs, let go of the rope.
    10. After a fall, raise a hand to indicate you are all right.
    11. Do not stand in the ski boat while it is moving.
  3. Know the following hand signals:
    1. Slower
    2. Speed okay
    3. Faster
    4. Back to dock
    5. Stop
    6. Turn
  4. Put on skis in deep water. Execute a deep water start on two skis with a full-line rope.
  5. Successfully cross both wakes.
  6. Identify the following:
    1. Double ski
    2. Slalom ski
    3. Trick ski
    4. Disk ski
    5. Hydroslide


*NOTE: All Skiers in AY-sponsored water skiing shall wear life jackets.


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