Instructor Required

This honor has been created thanks to the work of two divisions: ESD & SAD.

  • Describe the current FIVB rules and mention the eight major rules of volleyball.
  • What does the expression “fair play” or “clean game” mean especially to a Christian?
  • Define the following terms:
    • Ace
    • Assist
    • Attack
    • Bump
    • Carry
    • Lift
    • Dig
    • Dink
    • Double hit
    • Dump
    • Five-One & Six-Two
    • Free ball
    • Joust
    • Kill
    • Libero
    • Match Point
    • Middle hitter
    • Opposite hitter
    • Outside hitter
    • Rotation
    • Service / Serve
    • Set
    • Spike
    • Time out
  • Demonstrate and understand the different skills required for each position of volleyball.
  • Demonstrate reasonable proficiency in the following areas:
    • Underhand Serve
    • Overhand Serve: The Floater
    • Passing
    • Hitting
    • Blocking
    • Setting
    • Rolling
  • If a beginning player, spend at least 4 hours learning and improving your volleyball skills from a more experienced player. If an experienced player, spend at least 4 hours helping a less skilled or younger player improve their skills in volleyball.
  • Play at least ten games of volleyball with a full team (6 people). Show “fair play” during practice and games.
  • Report through a paper, skit, or other display about a famous volleyball player. Talk about why you think this player is a good role-model for a Christian.
  • Draw a to-scale volleyball court with properly defined boundaries. Label the dimensions including net height, sidelines, end lines, attack line, and center line.
  • Discuss, with your leader, pastor or teacher, the problems faced by the Seventh-day Adventist young person who wishes to compete at the secondary and college level. What alternatives are there to allow continuous involvement in the sport?
  • Discover and evaluate what Ellen G. White has to say about the proper use of competitive sports by Christians.
  • Share at least one spiritual lesson that you have learned from your experience with a volleyball team.

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