Level: 2


Complete the Red Cross Swim level VI–Skills Proficiency or the following:
1.      Demonstrate approach and hurdle on the diving board.
2.      Demonstrate jump tuck from diving board.
3.      Swim front crawl stroke–100 yards.
4.      Swim back crawl stroke–100 yards.
5.      Swim breaststroke–25 yards.
6.      Swim side stroke–25 yards.
7.      Swim butterfly—10 yards.
8.      Swim approach stroke–25 yards.
9.      Demonstrate breaststroke turn.
10. Demonstrate speed turn and pull-out for breaststroke.
11. Demonstrate speed turn for front crawl.
12. Demonstrate flip turn for front crawl.
13. Demonstrate pike surface dive.
14. Demonstrate tuck surface dive.
15. Tread water for three minutes (one minute with no hands).
16. Demonstrate throwing rescue.
17. Demonstrate rolling spinal injury victim to face up.

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