Swimming Beginners Advanced

Level: 1


Complete the Red Cross Swim level IV-Stroke Development or the following:
1.      Demonstrate deep-water bobbing
2.      Demonstrate floating positions.
3.      Demonstrate rotary breathing in chest-deep water.
4.      Dive from the side of the pool from stride and standing positions.
5.      Perform elementary backstroke–ten yards.
6.      Demonstrate sculling on back for five yards or 15 seconds.
7.      Swim front crawl for 25 yards with rotary breathing. 8. Swim back crawl for 25 yards.
8.      Demonstrate breaststroke kick with or without kickboard for ten yards.
9.      Demonstrate scissors kick with or without kickboard for ten yards.
10. Demonstrate change of direction at wall.
11. Tread water with any kick for two minutes.
12. Demonstrate rescue breathing.
13. Watch CPR demonstration.


Red Cross Water Safety Instructor’s Manual

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