Skiing Cross Country

Level: 2


  • List and describe the principle characteristics, qualities, and sizing of the following cross-country skiing equipment:
    • Skis (both waxable and unwaxable)
    • Bindings
    • Shoes
    • Poles
  • Describe and demonstrate how the above gear would be prepared for use and cared for both on the field and during the off season.
  • What consideration should be made when selecting clothing to be worn while cross-country skiing? What features would you look for when selecting a pack for cross-country ski touring?
  • Demonstrate properly on skis the following travel techniques:
    • Flat striding with good kick, purchase, and form
    • Single poling, change-up, and double poling
    • Side stepping up and down slopes
    • Herringbone slope climbing
    • Traverse-side stepping up slope with kick turns
    • Straight up slope climbing
    • Straight downhill running under control, 20 degree slope (schuss)
    • Moving step turning down slope
    • Snow plowing for slowing speed and stopping
    • Sitback stopping
  • Explain the purpose of waxing. Briefly explain the need for different waxes for different snow types and temperatures.
  • Explain basic safety precautions to follow in cross-country skiing.
  • Know and explain the official National Ski rules for conduct in cross-country skiing.
  • Demonstrate skiing ability by doing the following:
    • Take three separate three-mile trail tours with another individual. If possible, have varying snow conditions.
    • Take a ten-mile tour over varying terrain.
    • During all tours carry necessary gear (safely) and wear proper clothing for conditions demonstrating ability to maintain proper body temperature, dryness, and condition.

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