Level: 2


  • Use the following safety gear and know why it should be worn when skateboarding: helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, high top boots, wrist support gloves.
  • Name all the parts of a skateboard.
  • Completely disassemble and reassemble a skateboard, repacking the bearings and setting wheelnuts and truck pivoting nut at correct tension.
  • Demonstrate eight skateboarding skills which will include some of the following and do them to the instructors satisfaction on authorized property. Five of these should be demonstrated on a skateboarding ramp.
    • Tick Tack—from a standing start to a minimum of 10 meters on level ground
    • Ollie—minimum of 10 centimeters
    • Rail Slide—minimum of 1 meter
    • Drop In—off a ramp 2-3 meters high
    • Gurreo Slide
    • 4-Wheel Look Up
    • Pump on a ramp up to the Coping
    • Acid Drop
    • Kick Flip
    • Ollie up a Gutter
    • Front-Back side grind
    • Carve
    • Pump

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