Sheep Husbandry

Level: 1


  1. What kind of areas do sheep naturally inhabit?
  2. What kind of vegetation furnishes the feed most ideal for sheep?
  3. What kind of shelter or barns should be provided for sheep?
  4. How much space is needed for each animal in the following conditions:
    1. Loose barn space for adult sheep
    2. Outside lot space for adult sheep
    3. Loose barn space for large lamb
    4. Loose barn space for small lamb
    5. Pasture required for one ewe
    6. Feed trough space for mature sheep
    7. Lambing
  5. Which are the most favorable seasons of the year in which to make a start in sheep raising?
  6. What considerations should be taken into account when selecting the breed of stock?
  7. What is the ideal size of flock for inexperienced beginners in sheep raising?
  8. What winter feed is most ideal for sheep?
  9. What type of care should be given to lambs?
  10. Know the meaning of the following terms:
    1. Castration
    2. Commercial
    3. Concentrate
    4. Cross breed
    5. Dam
    6. Dock
    7. Drench
    8. Ewe
    9. Flushing
    10. Forages or roughages
    11. Gain
    12. Gestation
    13. Grease weight
    14. Heat
    15. Lactation
    16. Polled
    17. Purebred
    18. Ram
    19. Ration
    20. Registered
    21. Scours
    22. Scurred
    23. Sire
    24. Wether
  11. Care for two or more lambs until marketed or until six months of age.


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