Seeds Advanced

Level: 2


  1. Have the Seeds Honor.
  2. Identify from drawings and know the purpose of each of the following parts of a seed: endosperm, radicle, plumule, micropyle.
  3. Know several differences between a monocotyledon seed and a dicotyledon seed, and give three examples of each.
  4. Explain the purpose and use of a “rag doll” seed tester. Use it to test the germination of one hundred seeds of a wild plant and one hundred seeds of a domestic plant. Report the results of each test.
  5. How does a seed differ from a spore?
  6. Have in your collection four kinds of seeds from each of two families of plants, showing the similarity between the seeds of plants in any one family.
  7. Write or tell orally two lessons we may learn from seeds. You will find much help in Christ’s Object Lessons, pages 33 to 89.
  8. Make a collection of 60 kinds of seeds, 45 of which you have collected yourself. Label each one with its name, the date collected, the locality, and the collector. The seeds may be glued to heavy paper or put in clear vials.

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