Level: 1


  1. Make a collection of 30 various colored sands and name of locality where secured. (Note: Have a package of sandwich bags, a pencil, and a small spoon or scoop to gather the sand. Mount in small bottles.)
  2. What does the term “sand” mean? Name two kinds of sand.
  3. Give the origin of sand and mineral content.
  4. What is the difference between sand and soil?
  5. What is meant by shape, surface, grain fracture, and grain size?
  6. Define the following and give use of each:
    1. Glacial
    2. Calcareous
    3. Quicksand
    4. Glass sand
    5. Molding sand
    6. Polishing sand
    7. Building sand
    8. Filter sand
    9. Furnace sand
    10. Lake shore sand
  7. Examine five types of sand specimens under magnification and observe the various characteristics.
  8. Memorize Genesis 22:17 and Proverbs 27:3.

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