Rock Climbing Advanced

Level: 3


(Instructor Required)
1.      Have a Rock Climbing and a Basic First Aid Honor.
2.      Know and demonstrate the use of special rock climbing equipment such as: bongs, RURPS, knife blades, bolt equipment, hero loops, runners, etriers, and mechanical ascenders (Jumars).
3.      Demonstrate ability to use all free climbing moves and climb at 5.6 (F6) difficulty using an upper belay.
4.      Demonstrate ability to belay a lead climber. Show that you can catch a falling lead climber during a practice fall.
5.      Be able to place soundly and correctly, in all types of cracks, all types of anchors (pitons, jam nuts, etc.). Discuss the ethics of anchor placement as to crack and rock defacing.
6.      Demonstrate ability to lead 5.5 (F5) pitches using anchors correctly for leader protection.
7.      Demonstrate ability to climb by direct aid (Class 6) to at least A2 difficulty.
8.      Formulate a plan to evacuate an injured climber.
9.      Participate in at least a two-pitch climb of 5.4 (F5) difficulty, leading one of the pitches.

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