Poultry Raising

Level: 2


  1. Have the Poultry Honor
  2. Describe incubators, hovers, sanitary fowl houses, coops, and runs, and have a practical knowledge of their use.
  3. Be able to test and pack eggs for market, describe how to test bad eggs, and tell how eggs are graded.
  4. Outline the feeding program for domestic fowl, from hatching to maturity.
  5. What is the temperature , humidity, and number of days needed to hatch the following eggs:
    1. Duck
    2. Chicken
    3. Goose
    4. Quail
    5. Turkey
  6. Raise to maturity a brood of not less than six poultry of your choice.
  7. Write or give orally to the examiners a report on your experiences in working out the above requirements; and on your study of the hen, turkey, duck, and goose.


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