Level: 3


1.      Make a diagram showing the plumbing system of a four-room house which includes fixtures for the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.
2.      Submit two pieces of iron pipe that you have threaded and connected with proper fitting.
3.      Submit a repaired plastic (PVC), iron, or copper pipe, and tell how to repair all three.
4.      Demonstrate ability to repair a leaky sink faucet and replace or repair toilet flush mechanisms.
5.      Describe the proper drainage system of the house in #1 and explain the use of traps and vents.
6.      Have a knowledge of the ordinary hot and cold water system of a house and explain how to make the system safe from freezing if the house has to be left without heat during the winter.
7.      Diagram at least one type of passive water heating system, such as the use of solar energy.

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