Plastic Canvas

Level: 1


  • What is plastic canvas?
  • types of plastic canvas and give a brief description of each.
  • Which type of yarn is best for use on plastic canvas?
  • Describe the following types of yarn and say on which type of canvas they work best:
    • Worsted Weight Yarn
    • Sport Weight Yarn
    • Tapestry Yarn
    • Persian Wool
    • Pearl Cotton
    • Embroidery Floss
  • What type of needle is used on plastic canvas? Which size needle is used on each type of plastic canvas?
  • Which instruments are used for cutting plastic canvas? How do you cut plastic canvas?
  • Name at least 10 stitches and make a one-inch sample of each.
  • Make two of the following items using three different stitches:
    • Coaster
    • Bookmark
    • Picture Frame
    • Refrigerator Magnet
    • Christmas Ornament
    • Door Hanger
  • Make one of the following using four different stitches:
    • Tissue Box Cover
    • Tote Bag
    • Floppy Disk Holder
    • Trinket/Coaster Box

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