Palm Trees

Level: 2


  • Give the general characteristics of the palm tree referring to the following parts:
    • Stem or trunk
    • Roots
    • Leaves
    • Inflorescence or flowers
    • Fruits
  • What happens when the crown of a palm is cut out?
  • What happens when the trunk of a palm is damaged?
  • In the Pacific islands there are several species of palm trees which are helpful to man. Name two of these and list as many ways as you can how each helps man.
  • Identify by sight six different types of palms which grow in your area. Do this in any language.
  • Draw and name the six palm trees you have identified showing clearly the leaf formation, flowers and seed shape as well as the fruit.
  • Parts of palms are used for food or to help with the preparation of food. From your culture tell how a palm tree or part of it is used as food or in food preparation e.g. sago palm, coconut palm. Tell how to prepare it.

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