Level: 2


1.      Explain what a topographic map is, what you can expect to find on it, and three uses for it.
2.      Identify at least 20 signs and symbols used on topographic maps.
3.      Give the nomenclature of an orienteering compass. 4. Know and explain the following:
a.       Elevation
b.      Azimuth
c.       Back azimuth
d.      Contour interval
e.       Magnetic North
f.       Declination
g.      Scale
h.      Measuring
i.        True North
j.        Distance
k.      Ground forms
4.      Demonstrate how to shoot a magnetic azimuth.
5.      Demonstrate how to march on a magnetic azimuth.
6.      Know two methods to correct for declination and when correction is necessary
7.      Be able to orient yourself and a map by inspection and by compass.
8.      Explain resection and its use. 10. Prove your ability in the use of map and compass by following a two-mile (3 kilometers) cross-country orienteering course with at least five given compass readings or control points.

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