Level: 2


(Instructor Required)

  1. Play or sing a scale, and know its composition.
  2. Write a scale in both treble and bass clefs.
  3. Know a half tone, a whole tone, a third, a fifth, and an octave.
  4. Distinguish a march from a waltz, and give the time of each.
  5. What is a quarter note? A half note? A whole note? Draw the symbols.
  6. Name five great composers and one composition of each, including an oratorio, piano composition, and a song.
  7. Play with or without music or sing from memory 15 hymns and/or other sacred songs or choruses and list the composer of each. (One verse or Stanza each)
  8. Play, or sing from memory, one piece of good music other than those used in #7.
  9. For instrumentalists: Be able to sight-read and play a moderately difficult piece of music. Explain all signs and terms in it.
  10. For singers: Show with baton or arm how to lead a group in singing compositions written in 3/4 and 4/4 time.
  11. Define orchestra, and name at least five instruments in an orchestra.
  12. Do a biographical sketch on a famous hymn writer and orally present it to a group.

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