Level: 3


1.      Name at least six materials commonly used by masons in the erection of walls or buildings.
2.      Demonstrate ability to use properly a plumb line, spirit level, trowel, speed leg , and mason hammer.
3.      Demonstrate a knowledge of building cement characteristics (know how to prevent sweating, cracking, shrinking, crumbling, and loss of strength).
4.      Make useable mortar and state proper proportions of ingredients (lime, sand, etc.).
5.      Lay a straight stone, brick, or block masonry wall at least four feet high and ten feet long, including an inside or outside corner (surface must be struck and broomed).
6.      Pour a level footing, using hand mixed cement and proper reinforcement.
7.      Make the forms and lay a piece of concrete walk or floor, using commercially mixed cement. Finish it and rule it.
8.      Write a paragraph describing the behavior of cement; that is, its reaction to water, its adhesive qualities, how long it takes to set, etc.


Working with a master mason will help tremendously in fulfilling the requirements of this Honor.

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