Maple Sugar

Level: 1


  • What part of the world and time of year does the maple sugar industry function and why?
  • Explain how sweet sap is made by the Maple tree and how it is stored over the winter.
  • Identify the Sugar Maple tree by its bark and leaf.
  • How deep into a Maple tree does one drill for best results?
  • How long does it take for a healthy Maple tree tap’s hole to heal?
  • How close to an old tap hole can a new tap hole be made?
  • How many taps can be made on a healthy Maple tree without injuring it?
  • Tell how maple sugar is made from maple syrup.
  • What is the ideal weather for sap to flow?
  • Does a Maple tree crown (limb & leaf area) affect the sap flow and sweetness?
  • On an average, how much sap is needed to produce one gallon of syrup?
  • Taste pure maple syrup or maple sugar.
  • Observe and explain what the following maple sugaring equipment is used for:
    • Drill
    • Bit
    • Spigot
    • Bucket
    • Bucket cover
    • Evaporator

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