Level: 2


  • Define the term literacy.
  • Research and briefly describe how two or three organizations in your community or country promote literacy or provide literacy services to children and adults.
  • Write a paragraph explaining why literacy is important.
  • Complete three of the following activities:
    • Help someone read a small book or short story.
    • Read a short story to a group of young children and discuss it with them afterward.
    • Make 10 flash cards with simple words and illustrations or pictures and give them to someone who is learning how to read.
    • Read several chapters from the Bible to an elderly person you know who is blind or unable to read. This can be done in one visit or several visits.
    • Give a five-minute presentation in your school or Sabbath school or church on what you learned about literacy.
  • Choose three words and explain to your instructor how you would teach someone what the words mean and how to spell them.


  • Your school teacher
  • Books on learning how to read
  • Someone who works as a writer or editor for a newspaper or other publication
  • Websites such as:
    The literacy project: (available in English, Spanish, French and German)
    Literacy Center Education Network: (available in English, Spanish, French and German)
    Literacy connections:
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