Level: 1


  • Describe the following in detail concerning lighthouses:
    • What is the function of a lighthouse?
    • When were the first lighthouses of record built?
    • What is the name of the most famous ancient lighthouse?
    • What are people called who study lighthouses? Why?
    • Do all lighthouses have keepers? If not, how are they run?
  • Research the structure and function of Fresnel lenses. Explain what makes these lenses so effective.
  • Throughout history, what fuels were used for lighthouse lights?
  • Are all lighthouses located along ocean shores? If not, list other locations where you would find a lighthouse.
  • What is the lighthouse service called in your country? What organization or branch of government is responsible for maintaining lighthouses in your country?
  • When a lighthouse is a visible landmark seen from the ocean during the day it can be identified by certain markings. What are these called?
  • What is a foghorn? Why would one be used at a lighthouse? What are three things that affect how far away a foghorn can be heard?
  • Since lighthouses are often called “lights”, explore the concept of “lights” in scripture by doing the following:
    • Look in the Bible Concordance to find “lights” and discuss lights as referred to in the Bible.
    • Explain why you think God’s word is like a lighthouse.
    • Memorize John 8:12.

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