Lighthouses Advanced

Level: 3


  • Have the Lighthouses Honor.
  • Make a scrapbook, including the following:
    • Pictures, post cards or drawings of 25 lighthouses. Label should include a brief description of: location, year built, active/non-active status, and order of the lens.
    • Write up a short history of the above lighthouses.
    • Include drawings/pictures and answers to all the requirements for this honor in your scrapbook.
  • List the development of a Fresnel lens, including:
    • Name of the gentleman who invented it
    • Country that he came from
    • Year developed
  • Draw a Fresnel lens:
    • Show how prisms are used to concentrate light
    • Draw a bull’s eye lens and state its purpose
  • Make a chart showing each class of Fresnel lens:
    • Define order and list by size
    • Name at least one lighthouse using each order
  • Research and describe the history of the mechanism for rotating lights
  • Make a chart of six lighthouses showing nighttime (light) and daytime (daymark) signature.
  • What is a lightship? Why and where are lightships needed?
  • Read about lighthouse keepers and list some of the hazards they faced in completing their duties.
  • Study quotes by Ellen White mentioning lighthouses and discuss the meaning. Place a copy of the quotes in your scrapbook.
  • Obtain a “Lighthouse Passport” and have it stamped at 10 different lighthouse locations.
  • Build a lighthouse modeled after a real lighthouse using a lighthouse kit, wood, or other medium. Know the name, location, and date when the actual lighthouse was originally built.

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