Junior Witness

Level: 2


  1. Be a member of a Pathfinder Club or AJY Society.
  2. Participate in at least five Share Your Faith activities of that organization during one year.
  3. Enroll at least two people in Bible correspondence courses.
  4. Know from memory at least two key texts for each of the following Bible teachings:
    1. Second coming of Christ
    2. Seventh-day Sabbath
    3. State of the dead
    4. Law and grace
    5. Conversion
    6. Judgment
    7. Inspiration of the Bible
    8. Spirit of Prophecy
    9. The saints’ reward
  5. Give at least two Bible studies using the open-Bible method or visual aids.
  6. Make at least 50 one-to-one contacts using Share Your Faith literature, Ingathering solicitation, etc.

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