House Plants

Level: 2


  1. Name at least five house plants raised for their foliage.
  2. Name three house plants raised for their flowers.
  3. Name three house plants adapted to
    1. Direct sunlight,
    2. Dry soil,
    3. Very moist soil.
  4. Most house plants like a 65‑to 75‑degree (18 C – 22 C) temperature. Name one that requires a cool room (45 to 55 degrees) (7 C – 13 C).
  5. Prepare a special potting mix soil including at least 3 different ingredients. Select two house plants and grow them in this soil for three months.
  6. How much light does an African violet need? Where in the house is the best place to grow them? Grow two or more African violets. Indicate whether they are boy or girl type violets.
  7. All gesneriads need approximately the same growing conditions. Where do they come from originally? What kind of temperature, light, and humidity do they need?
  8. Name two house plants that may be propagated from leaves, stem sections or divisions. Raise one plant from two of these methods and keep it growing at least six months.
  9. What is a bonsai?
  10. What is humidity and how is it important to a plant?
  11. Grow at least five of the following:
    1. African violet
    2. Aspidistra
    3. Aluminum plant
    4. Daffodil
    5. Gloxinia
    6. Maidenhair fern
    7. Piggy‑back plant
    8. Tulip
    9. Boston fern
    10. Begonia
    11. Bird’s nest fern
    12. Ficus
    13. Hyacinth
    14. Narcissus
    15. Spider plant
    16. Coleus
    17. Crocus
    18. Caladium
    19. Geranium
    20. Iris
    21. Philodendron
    22. Sanseveria

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