Level: 1


(Instructor Required)
1.      Label on an outline drawing of a horse, or point out on a live horse a minimum of 30 different parts of a horse.
2.      Label on an outline drawing or point out on a real saddle, a minimum of 10 parts of a Western saddle and nine parts of an English saddle. Label on an outline drawing, or point out on a real bridle, a minimum of six parts of a Western bridle and seven parts of an English bridle. Explain how to take care of your tack.
3.      Describe the purpose of, and wear, a riding helmet and boots (or hard soled shoes with a heel) while working around horses and riding.
4.      Describe and demonstrate three rules of safety in approaching and catching a horse.
5.      Describe and demonstrate three rules of safety in leading a horse and show where the safest place is to stand around a horse.
6.      Choose a safe place to tie a gentle horse, then demonstrate how to tie a gentle horse with a quick release manger knot, or bowline knot, demonstrating and explaining correct length of rope and height from the ground to tie.
7.      Demonstrate and explain how to correctly groom a gentle horse.
8.      Demonstrate and explain how to safely and correctly saddle and bridle a gentle horse.
9.      Demonstrate and explain how to safely and correctly mount and dismount a gentle horse, and demonstrate a safe, well-balanced seat on a horse that is standing still.
10. Demonstrate and explain how to safely start, stop and turn a gentle horse at walk, using leg, weight, voice, and rein aids.
11. Demonstrate and explain a correct leg-up mounting procedure on a bareback gentle horse that is standing quietly. Ride a gentle bareback horse for a minimum of 30 cumulative minutes at the walk, with good balance.
12. Demonstrate and explain group safety consciousness while riding a gentle horse with a minimum of one other rider. Demonstrate correct spacing, reversing direction, and passing other riders in an arena setting at the walk.
13. Negotiate a simple three element trail obstacle course set up on level ground riding a gentle horse at the walk. Choose from:
a.       Step over log or pole, maximum height of 16 inches (42 cm).
b.      Pass between tow barrels or bales of hay spaced 45 inches (120 cm) apart.
c.       Zig-Zag between poles set at 12-foot (3.6 m) intervals.
d.      Walk into a large key-hole (15-foot >4.5 m= circle,) turn and exit without stepping on or crossing any borderline.
14. Trail ride a gentle horse at the walk for a minimum of four cumulative hours.
15. Demonstrate and explain a minimum of three safety rules that apply to group trail rides.

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