Health and Healing

Level: 2


  1. Be in at least the eighth grade.
  2. Through the Bible and/or Spirit of Prophecy learn how Jesus healed the sick and the procedure for church elders to use to anoint the sick and ask God for healing. Write a 250-word report or give a two-minute oral report on what you learned.
  3. What is continuing education as related to health careers?
  4. Interview at least two people who work in a medical health career. One of the two must be someone other than a doctor or nurse, such as someone working in dentistry, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, radiology, nutrition, etc. In your interviews ask the following questions:
    1. Why did you choose your profession?
    2. What education is necessary to enter your profession?
    3. After education what amount of time does it take to become certified or proficient in your field?
    4. What part of your job do you like the best? The least?
    5. What days of the week and hours per day do you work at your job?
    6. What advancement is available in your field?
    7. What course of study in college would complement your chosen profession?
    8. What are some local schools that offer training in your profession?
  5. Do one of the following:
    1. Be a candy striper or a page in a hospital or medical facility.
    2. Visit a medical or dental office and do the following:
      1. Observe the areas of operation, such as the business office, laboratory, examining rooms, x-ray rooms, etc.
      2. Be introduced to the equipment used in the office.
      3. Learn the steps of an office visit from when a patient comes into the waiting room until the time he leaves the office.
      4. Learn how the doctor does an examination from the taking of the patient’s history to the diagnosis.
    3. Go on a visit with a home nurse and do the following:
      1. Learn the steps of a home visit from when the nurse finds out about the patient to when the nurse reports to a doctor.
      2. Observe the nurse taking the vital signs.
      3. Observe the nurse giving instructions and medication.
    4. Visit an outpatient department of a hospital, such as physical therapy, x-ray, laboratory, etc. Do the following:
      1. Observe the areas of operation in the department.
      2. Be introduced to the equipment used in the department and how it works.
      3. Learn the steps a patient takes when visiting the department.
      4. How many people does it take to staff the department?
      5. Does the department operate at night?

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