Goat Husbandry

Level: 1


  • Identify live or from pictures at least two breeds of goat. Tell if they are raised for milk, meat, or wool.
  • What type of housing should be provided for goats?
  • What types of feed are used for the following:
    • First month
    • Freshened doe
    • Second month
    • Yearling
    • Pregnancy
  • Name three poisonous plants to goats.
  • When are kids weaned?
  • When must the buck kids be removed from the does, and why?
  • How are goat’s hoofs trimmed?
  • Why are goats good for clearing brush land?
  • Name at least six items that are made from goat skins.
  • What are wattles?
  • Raise at least two goats for six months.
  • If milch goats are raised, answer the following questions:
    • What are the points to consider when choosing a good milk goat?
    • How is pasteurization done and what is its purpose?
  • If milch goats are raised, do the following:
    • Do the milking morning or evening for one goat, for at least three months.
    • Keep daily milk production records.


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