Geological Geocaching

Level: 2


  • Earn the Geology or Rocks and Minerals Honor.
  • Earn the Geocaching Honor.
  • Briefly explain the difference between sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rock formation. Give examples of types of rocks/minerals in each category.
  • Explain how water and wind are primary influences in changing the geology of a region or area. Give examples from your state or region.
  • Do one of the following individually or with a small group.
    • Visit and log on five or more earthcaches.
    • Visit and log on 3 types of earthcaches (from the list below) List: Mineral/fossil Site, mining site, historical site, hydrological feature, geomorphological feature, river feature, cave/karst feature, coastal feature, erosional feature, fault/fold feature, sedimentary feature, metamorphic feature, igneous feature, glacial feature, other feature.*
    • Visit and log on three or more earthcaches in two states/provinces/countries.**
  • Give a report to an instructor or group on the things you learned / experiences while completing the activity requirements of this honor. You may use presentation software, photos, or other presentation media as part of your report.
  • Read the Creation story in Genesis 1:1-2:3.
  • Discuss with an instructor, pastor, or qualified youth leader how Creationist Christians understand the formation of the earth in six literal days of creation. You may contrast this view with the Evolutionist view if necessary.


* 5c qualifies you to receive the Bronze Earthcache Master award from

** contains a list of earthcaches that are classified by these terms. Not all earthcaches are currently classified. However, the terms are rather self-explanatory and once you view the descriptions for several earthcaches, it will be easy to see which feature they most closely classify. An earthcache can only qualify for one classification for purposes of this honor

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