Geological Geocaching Advanced

Level: 3


  • Earn the Advanced Geocaching Honor.
  • Earn the Advanced Rocks and Minerals or Advanced Geology Honor.
  • Summarize the guidelines for submitting an earthcache for publication.
  • Do one of the following individually or with a small group:
    • Visit and log on twelve (12) earthcaches. Also, write and have published on two earthcaches.*
    • Visit and log on five (5) types of earthcaches (from the list below) List: Mineral/fossil Site, mining site, hydrological feature, geomorphological feature, river feature, cave/karst feature, coastal feature, erosional feature, fault/fold feature, sedimentary feature, metamorphic feature, igneous feature, glacial feature, other feature.**
    • Visit and log on (15) earthcaches. Write and have published on one earthcache.
  • Read the story of the flood in Genesis 6-9. Discuss the geological impacts a global flood might have on the formation of the geological features we see today.
  • Discuss with an instructor, pastor, or qualified youth leader how Creationist Christians understand the formation of the geological column. You may contrast this view with the Evolutionist view if necessary.

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