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Level: 2


  • Define the following words:
    • Genealogy
    • Ancestor
    • Descendant
    • Spouse
    • Sibling
  • Read the genealogy of Christ
    • Be able to tell where it is found in the New Testament
    • Write out the genealogy of Christ – beginning with Adam
  • List five ways to obtain family genealogy information
  • Know at least three societies that help with genealogy research
  • Learn four steps important to genealogy research
  • What is the purpose of documentation?
  • Define a primary source versus a secondary source for documentation.
  • Prepare a four-generation family chart – beginning with yourself.
  • List ways to record your genealogy information.
  • Research your family history by talking/writing to your oldest living relative. Ask the following:
    • First memory
    • When and where you were born?
    • First church you remember attending?
    • Names of schools, and location, you attended.
    • Where you lived at age ten and age fourteen.
    • From what country did our ancestors emigrate?
    • Where and when were you married.
    • If you had children please give their names, place and date of birth.
    • Write a thank you to your relative for their time and include a photo of yourself and ask them if they would be willing to share a copy of an older family photo with you.
  • Make a historical record of your life including:
    • Genealogical chart
    • Records that pertain to your life
    • Pictures
    • Stories
    • Share this with your group/club/school
  • Visit a City/County Library – Genealogy Section (or other Genealogy Research Center) and write a paragraph on your visit including:
    • Types of information available
    • Any New information you discovered about your family
  • Visit a cemetery and learn by copying the headstones:
    • The names of three different families
    • The dates of birth and death for these family members
    • The average length of life for these family members
  • Check with your local cemetery officials to learn how upkeep is done and ask them how you can help with clean-up in a cemetery in your area. Then do it!

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