Felt Craft

Level: 1


  1. From what fiber is felt made? What gives it its tensile strength?
  2. Give 15 uses of felt.
  3. Give three reasons why felt is a good material for handicrafts.
  4. Give the essential steps in felt manufacture.
  5. Make two of the following, using at least two different colors of felt:
    1. Sabbath School visual aid
    2. Bookmark
    3. Needle case
    4. Pennant
    5. Refrigerator magnet
  6. Make one of the following:
    1. Small wall mural
    2. Holiday decoration
    3. Hand Puppet
    4. Kitchen knick-knack
  7. Sew one of the following:
    1. Stuffed animal
    2. Stuffed toy
    3. Tote bag
    4. Bean bag

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