Level: 2


  • What is engineering?
  • Define the following four branches of engineering.
    • Chemical engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Civil engineering
    • Mechanical engineering
  • Identify and define at least 15 additional disciplines of engineering.
    • Aerospace engineering
    • Optical engineering
    • Computer engineering
    • Material engineering
    • Process engineering
    • Environmental engineering
    • Structural engineering
    • Power engineering
    • Acoustical engineering
    • Transport engineering
    • Nuclear engineering
    • Industrial engineering
    • Biological engineering
    • Textile engineering
    • Energy engineering
  • Explain the general responsibilities of an engineer.
  • Discuss what type education is required for a career in engineering.
  • How has the discipline of engineering contributed to society?
  • On your own or with a group, develop a chart board that outlines a brief history of a famous engineer, highlighting their contributions to society. Prepare and give an oral presentation on your findings.
  • Read Genesis 6. Discuss the biblical context of this chapter drawing comparisons to the field of engineering.
  • Identify four specific biblical engineering marvels that illustrate the art and importance of engineering.
  • Define the following terms as it relates to the engineering discipline.
    • CAD (Computer Aided Design)
    • Simulation
    • Rendering
    • Steady state
    • Constraint.
  • What is reverse engineering?
  • Give a real world example where reverse engineering is useful.
  • On your own or with a group, complete one of the following engineering projects OR a project at your skill level,
    • Build a paper plane trimming and making adjustments for better flight.
    • Build a compass using a box, a nail and a magnet.
    • Build a miniature dam using popsicle sticks and rocks

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