Dressmaking Advanced

Household Arts

Level: 2


  1. Have the Dressmaking Honor.
  2. Do the following:
    1. Sew a seam with finished edges
    2. Make darts
    3. Gather
    4. Bind
    5. Topstitch
    6. Make a French seam
  3. Make a neat buttonhole.
  4. Demonstrate on other persons how to measure for length of skirt, length of sleeve, and length from neck to waistline.
  5. Make a shirt with set-in sleeve and a collar, and explain how you would adjust the shoulders for persons of different builds.
  6. Explain how to make at least four of the following alterations or modifications in patterns:
    1. Shorten waist
    2. Lengthen waist
    3. Lengthen sleeve
    4. Waist size
    5. Lengthen skirt or pants
    6. Lengthen or shorten pants inseam
  7. Make a pair of pants or shorts that fits properly.
  8. Make a skirt.
  9. Select from pictures or draw an outfit for yourself that shows proper color harmony and is complementary to your figure.

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