Level: 2


  • Make a list of Drawing Media.
  • What is Chiaroscuro? And what effect does it have on drawing?
  • Draw a Value Scale with at least 10 different values.
  • What is the best way to begin drawing until you are sure all sizes, placement and proportions are correct?
  • Know the difference between eye level, bird’s eye view and worm’s eye view.
  • Show foreground, middle ground and background in a simple landscape.
  • What is a “multi-media” drawing?
  • Explain Linear Perspective and list at least 4 ways to achieve it when drawing a landscape.
  • Draw a cylindrical object and a rectangular object grouped together a little below the eye, showing proper perspective, light and shade.
  • Understand and describe these types of subject matter:
    • Portraits
    • Landscapes
    • Still Life
    • Abstract
  • Draw an animal using simple shapes such as squares, triangles, rectangles.
  • Make a freehand sketch of an animal, showing in values the distribution of color.
  • Make a drawing of some landscape near your home.
  • Draw and shade in a still life. Make it personal and interesting; add personal touches and objects that you are excited about…this will make your artwork more fun and easier for you to finish.
  • Memorize Psalm 33:6, and discuss how it relates to drawing.

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