Level: 1


  1. Give the scientific name of the dog family.
  2. Name five distinctive characteristics of the dog family.
  3. Identify from picture, or personal observation, five wild members of the dog family.
  4. Identify from picture or personal observation twenty‑five different kinds of pedigreed dogs.
  5. Name five contributions the dog family has made to man.
  6. Give the name of the smallest and largest breed of dogs.
  7. Write or describe orally the value to man of the following dogs: Seeing Eye, Saint Bernard, Shepherd, Collie, and Eskimo.
  8. Write or tell what special contribution dogs have made to man in wartime.
  9. Identify from pictures or personal observation five dogs that are classed as “toy” dogs.
  10. What is the only dog that has a wholly blue or black tongue?
  11. Which is the fastest running dog?
  12. Which member of the “toy” dogs has become the most popular?
  13. What dog has been especially helpful in tracking criminals?
  14. Write or tell a dog story.

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