Health & Science

Level: 2


  • Have the Nutrition Honor.
  • Keep a record of what and how much food you eat for two weeks. Compare your diet to that of the food pyramid.
  • What is digestion? What is another name for the human digestive system?
  • Where does saliva come from? What are the three functions of saliva?
  • Be able to identify the following parts of the tooth: enamel, dentin, pulp, gum, cementum, and periodontal membrane. What role do the teeth play in digestion?
  • Be able to label a diagram or model of all the organs that help with digestion, starting from where the food goes into the mouth to where it is expelled from the anus.
  • Know the difference between food bolus and chyme.
  • Where does bile come from? Where is it stored? What does it do in the duodenum?
  • What are villi? What makes them absorb the nutrients so quickly? At what point are all the nutrients removed from the food/chyme? Compare the amount of water absorbed by plain paper compared to a similar sized paper towel using an 1/8 cup (17.2 ml) of water.
  • What happens if too much water is present in the large intestine? What happens if not enough water is present?
  • How does fiber in your diet aid in digestion? How long should food remain in the digestive tract? What happens if food stays in the digestive system too long?
  • Demonstrate the digestion of starch into simple sugar using the iodine test.
  • What are the six basic nutrients that are essential for life and where does the bulk of their digestion/absorption take place?
  • Know the difference between monosaccharide, disaccharide, and polysaccharide. What is the most important carbohydrate?
  • What are amino acids? How many are needed to make all the proteins in the body? What is meant by essential amino acids? How many of them are essential? Where can you get all the essential amino acids?
  • What is ATP? What is it used for? What does your body make ATP from? What three sets of chemical reactions make ATP in your body? Why do we need to breathe oxygen?
  • Know the difference between water and fat soluble vitamins. What are two common vitamins that are fat soluble? What are two vitamins that are water soluble?
  • List four Bible texts that refer to digestion.
  • List five E.G. White references that promote proper digestion. Choose a variety of topics.

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