Cycling Advanced

Level: 2


1.      Have the Cycling Honor.
2.      Describe how to select the correct frame size, handle bar, and saddle height to fit one’s body size.
3.      Describe briefly the features of a bicycle used for long distance touring.
4.      Take apart, clean and put back together the bearings in the front and rear wheels, headset and bottom brackets.
5.      True a rear wheel making sure it is properly dished.
6.      Select the front and rear sprockets combination that would give the best results under the following conditions:
a.       Riding in hilly terrain
b.      Touring with packs on the bicycle
c.       Riding in level country
7.      Explain how the riding characteristics of a bicycle are affected by:
a.       The geometry of the bicycle frame including
1)      head and seat tub angles
2)      fork rate
3)      chain stay length
4)      bottom bracket height
5)      wheel base length
b.      The kind of wheels used including
1)      clincher or tubular tires
2)      small or large frame hubs
3)      number of spokes used on each wheel
4)      number of spokes each spoke crosses
8.      Make a list of desirable equipment items to be taken on a multi-day tour.
9.      Review safety precautions to observe while bicycling.
10. What are the advantages of drafting? Know how to safely and properly draft.
11. Know the different clothing and safety equipment used in bicycling and the advantages of each.
12. Have the following riding record while working on this Honor.
a.       Make three 20 miles (35 kilometers) rides in different locations.
b.      Ride 100 consecutive miles (160 kilometers) miles in less than 15 hours.
c.       Ride a three day tour of at least 125 miles (200 km) and write a 500-word report on the tour.

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